Online Internet Connection Pinger

Ping Your Unstable Internet Connection

This online tool is what you need if you have unstable cellular connection. NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD! 

This web-app is intended to stabilize the existing 3G and 4G LTE broadband/cellular/mobile connection.

Make sure your internet connection meets the system requirements.


1. Streaming Online - Watching Facebook Videos, Youtube, Vimeo and other sites.

2. Playing Online Game - Playing online games in Desktop and Android Phones and Tablets.

3. Online Shoping - Unstable Internet Connection may affect your data submissions.

4. Online Survey and Test - Submission of your answers in forms will be lost due to unstable internet.



Internet connections specifically, broadband (mobile or cellular) connections disconnecting you from the internet for a certain period of idle connection. As you need to connect in the internet, your device will first try to reconnect you in the internet which will consumes up to 60 seconds of your time. This is the primary reason behind an unstable internet connection.

This application by using your browser will run a script that will send your connection start from your device, to your Internet Service Provider up to our server and the host of the website that your browser visits. Thus, making your browsing experience more fast and stable.



Some WiFi networks will also disconnect you after some periods of inactivity. This online application will let your device connected to the network, thus preventing you for waiting a very long time to access internet again.

There are many applications offered over the internet with different specifications and prices. Some of them requires to download and install the application. We offer this software for FREE!


Normal Mode – Use to stabilize your internet connection. It can prevent you from disconnecting on network and very useful in situations like streaming, waiting, online shopping and any other activities that requires stable connection.

Extreme Mode – Use to force speed-up your connection. It can be useful for activities such as downloading or uploading large amount of data.



Internet Connection – Broadband 3G H+ up to 4G LTE (Cellular or Mobile connection) with minimum speed of 1mbps.

JavaScript Enabled Browser – We highly recommend Google Chrome and Opera Browser. Any JavaScript Enabled browser will work.

Operating System – This online application works in Android and Windows (Desktop/Laptop, Mobile and Tablet)



*Internet connection speed depends upon different factors such as speed throttling of your Internet Service Providers, Physical Location, Hardware’s such as your computer and modem, and software issues.

*Our online internet connection speed stabilizer is designed to optimize connections with a requisite speed of 1mbps, specially, those mobile broadband connections.

*We do not claim that our service can speed-up connections under the said pre-requisites, and those devices with hardware and software issues.

* This online application contains script that will stabilized the connection, thus it makes the user to use this service without the need to download and install software.

*This online application is lite and uses too little resources that gives the users smooth and soft experience.

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