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If you arrived at this page because you are an applicant seeking an idea of working conditions, duties and responsibilities of a human resource assistant, you are in the right page.

If you are a Human Resource Officer, this sample of human resource assistant job description will greatly help you to create customize and improve you own form.

Job Overview
“Our human resource department is looking for a Human Resource (HR) Assistant to perform HR Departments’ daily routine. Your duty is to link the department to each employee, securing two-way communications and actions for all inquiries.

Candidate must hold a degree in human resource management; and should possessed related skills that will play a key role in our department such as creating job descriptions and orders, preparing interviews, processing and securing employees confidential documents, and preparing and processing daily time records.

Overall, candidate should able to manage the daily operation and ensuring that the departments function is maintained.”

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Securing the daily time records whether it is manual (by using an individual cards or slip) or automated (by using computer)
2. Processing candidates and employees’ documents
3. Preparing employees payrolls by collecting data such as absences, overtime and under time, late, leaves, bonus and deductions.
4. Recording employee’s activities (either in book or in computer software)
5. Provide full assistance to the executives especially during the recruitment process.
6. Handle communications in employee’s family and in public in certain incidents (such as accidents and tragedies)
7. Prepare and conduct orientation to candidates and newly hired personnel’s
8. Handling and dealing employees complains and concerns
9. Keeping employees’ privacy by securing individual confidential records (201 files, bank account statements, etc.)
10. Preparing and conducting training needs assessment for the employees
11. Provide clerical duties such as creating forms, copying or printing and distributing documents, answering phone calls, maintaining and preparing orders for office supplies
12. Preparing, maintaining and updating HR calendar
13. Posting job orders or vacancy
14. Monitor employee’s activities and performance (such as ensuring that the employee really doing its job or just sitting in the cafeteria during the office hours)
15. Verify the submitted documents of the employees (ensuring that all of documents are genuine)
16. Perform basic house-keeping services by ensuring cleanliness of office

1. Degree holder of Bachelor of Science in Human Resources, Business Management, Clinical Psychology or any related field
2. Working Experience in related working environment is an advantage
3. Should possessed necessary skills such as good communication (oral and written), clerical, customer service, general mathematics, time management, logical and social, etc.
4. Clear background and no history of crime involvement
5. Should possessed basic labor law management
6. Should possessed organizational skills
7. Must be computer literate, and familiar with HR software’s such as Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), and any related software for employee and payroll management

*Please take note that the details written above is the general job description of bank teller that widely use in different companies around the globe. It may differ base on factors such as country, nature of business, the managements, etc.

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