QuickBooks Desktop vs. Online: Which is true for Your Business

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QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop may be a common debate among small business owners hoping to settle on the right accounting software for his or her business. the most important difference between Online vs. Desktop is that QuickBooks Online requires no installation on a computer, operating as web-based software, whereas Desktop does—it’s a locally installed platform.

This being said, product-based businesses with inventory needs typically work better with Desktop, whereas service-based businesses or businesses that use multiple devices typically choose Online.
Today, there are more units of QuickBooks Desktop employed by small businesses than QuickBooks Online. Notwithstanding, numerous independent ventures are changing over their Desktop to Online. Plus, 80% of latest QuickBooks users are choosing Online over Desktop.

With this in mind, whether you’re beginning to use QuickBooks for the very first time or you’re a loyal user considering converting from one version to a different , it’s essential to know the contrasts between QuickBooks Desktop versus On the web.

QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop Pricing

When comparing QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop, the primary thing most business owners want to understand is how their costs qualify .

Overall, QuickBooks Online is priced supported a monthly subscription basis. Each of the four plans features a monthly price that increases because the plan levels increase.

With QuickBooks Desktop, on the opposite hand, pricing may be a little more complex. First, with QuickBooks Pro and Premier, you’ll have the choice to pay a one-time fee for the essential software version, or choose Pro/Premier Plus at an annual subscription fee.

Then, with QuickBooks Enterprise, pricing are going to be supported a couple of factors. First, if you select Enterprise with hosting, you’ll have a monthly subscription fee. If you select without hosting, on the opposite hand, you’ll pay an annual subscription fee.

Next, you’ll need to choose your plan level—Silver, Platinum, or Diamond—and prices will increase with each level. Last, you’ll choose the amount of users you need—the more users, the upper the value .
Cost of QuickBooks Online

This being said, supported your plan, the value of QuickBooks Online breaks down like this:

  • Simple Start: $25 per month
  • Essentials: $40 per month
  • Plus: $70 per month
  • Advanced: $150 per month

Cost of QuickBooks Desktop

As we mentioned, the value of QuickBooks Desktop may be a little more complex.

Let’s break it down supported the three different desktop versions:

  • Pro: $299.95
  • Pro Plus: $299.95 per annum
  • Premier: $499.95
  • Premier Plus: $499.95 per annum


  • Silver plan, local only, one user: $1,213 per annum
  • Platinum plan, local only, one user: $1,940 per annum
  • Diamond plan, local only, one user: $3,825 per annum
  • Silver plan, with hosting, one user: $145 per month
  • Platinum plan, with hosting, one user: $206 per month
  • Diamond plan, with hosting, one user: $363.79 per month

If you would like multiple users with QuickBooks Enterprise, the worth per annum or per month will increase accordingly.

QuickBooks Desktop vs. Online: Features

Although it’s important to acknowledge how Intuit’s emphasis on QuickBooks Online will mean that product will recover faster, leaving QuickBooks Desktop behind, you continue to need to ask yourself whether or not QuickBooks Online is that the right product for you now.

To do this, let’s check out the features. Where do Online and Desktop differ? Where does Online or Desktop excel? Let’s find out:

QuickBooks Online Features

As you’ll come to find out once we cover the features that Desktop has that Online doesn’t, Online features a few feature gaps. As Desktop has been around longer, it’s more powerful. But there are many, many third-party Quickbooks apps that you simply can access through Online which will fill those gaps. There’s an app to answer just about any hesitation alittle business owner could have about choosing Online over Desktop.

Of course, you’ll not want to buy third-party apps, and that’s something you’ve got to guage when comparing the 2 . Below are the features supported by Online that you simply can’t find in any version of Desktop:

  • Automatically schedule and send transactions
  • Attach documents, images, signatures & more to transactions through mobile and desktop
  • Use review log to audit activities and track changes after some time
  • Track by location additionally to (or instead of) by class with multiple location labels
  • Relabel your customers with seven additional label options
  • Automatic nightly bank transaction sync with undo option
  • Custom banking rules by dollar value, percentage, class, and site
  • Auto-add bank rule option
  • Unlimited time tracking
  • Unlimited reports-only users
  • Delayed charges and delayed credits to schedule future transactions
  • Journal entries with multiple AR/AP lines
  • Multiple budgets per financial year
  • Management reports create presentation-ready packages of reports

QuickBooks Desktop Features

Generally speaking, QuickBooks Desktop beats out QuickBooks Online in managing large amounts of inventory (making it an excellent accounting option for retail stores) and job costing.

Desktop still offers the subsequent feature sets that Online doesn’t . If you can’t live with none of the below, then Desktop is presumably best for you. confine mind that a number of the features below are only supported in QuickBooks Enterprise and Premier, and not QuickBooks Pro.


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