Connect Your Phone to A TV with/without Using HDMI Cord

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There are several ways, including wirelessly and physically, which could be used to connect your phone to the TV even though there is less need for it.

Smartphones are great when it comes to watching streaming videos. However, the best way is to watch such videos on 4K TV. But, if you don’t have much time to sit and watch videos on 4K TV and want to watch all your favorite videos on your Smartphone, then there are multiple ways to do so. You can connect your phone to your TV with or without using any cable. The new streaming era has changed the viewing experience of the people eliminating the necessity of connecting devices. Most of the videos and streaming services are offering the best support for multiple devices and platforms. The offering of support for a wide range of platforms and devices has made it simple for the viewers to watch any video on several devices. However, there are several occasions when you want to connect your phone to TV not only for watching videos but also for viewing files or photos.

The easiest way also is known to all people to connect a phone to your TV is the use of HDMI cable. However, before joining your devices with HDMI cable, you will need to find out which is suitable for the Smartphone. HDMI cables often come with HDMI connectors used for connecting the devices on both ends. HDMI connectors could be used by the Android users to connect the devices as they can choose the cables on one end with HDMI port and the connector of USB Type-C on the other. iPhone users can connect their devices by using the Lightning Digital AV Adapter sold by Apple. The adapter provides a port for HDMI on the other side when plugged into the iPhone compatible with the standards of HDMI cables. Moreover, a wide variety of HDMI adapters along with USB Type-C connectors are available if the users are willing to buy. However, the users need to check whether they are purchasing suitable connectors as the older users of Android phones may need a micro HDMI adapter and USB.

The Way to Connect Your Smartphone To A TV Without HDMI Cable

It is relatively easy to connect your devices without using any cable which is cheaper also as you don’t need to purchase any secondary hardware. However, the consumers will need to buy a Chromecast a dongle device of Google allowing the users to cast images, videos and files when plugged into the TV directly. The users can cast files, videos and pictures from their apps to their TV while sitting at home even though Chromecast is a Google product. Still, it works with iOS irrespective of the fact whether you are using an iPhone or Android, making it a practical solution.

Many of the people may not need to purchase any additional devices as several devices, including set-top boxes and smart TVs have in-built Chromecast support. Some of the STBs and TVs are also coming with supported AirPlay making it easy for the users to send photos, images or files from their Smartphone without the need for any Chromecast device.

Mirroring Your Smartphone to Your TV

The other solution is the use of mirroring feature, also known as Screen Cast or Screen Mirroring. The feature often depends on the phone model, and the users of Samsung may know it as Smart View. The feature is available in the Settings section of the Android phones and could be found through Control Center if you are a user of iPhone. The feature if once clicked, can send the images, files and photos wirelessly from an app of the phone to the TV. There is a significant difference as it is not required to an app with mirroring but also the users could not use the phone to cast content as the entire screen of the phone is mirrored to your TV.

The wireless approach is indeed the easiest way to connect your phone to your TV, but there is a significant caveat. Also, both the devices are required to be connected to the same network of Wi-Fi.


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