How to pick the right kind of air heater

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Air heater manufacturers in India provide a huge variety of air heating elements. These include forced air heaters, radiant heaters as well as space heaters. Most of these are available at any of the finned heater suppliers in India markets.

The forced air heaters circulate the air past a heat source with a blower or fan. The air that comes in touch with the heater absorbs the heat and radiates it to the rest of the room. Radiant heaters are a point source that provides heat near their origin. The heat, in this case, travels due to a temperature differential that causes a convection cycle to form to heat the surroundings. The space heaters may operate by either of the two methods mentioned earlier.

The method of heat transfer is independent of its application and most heaters use a variety of different heating elements. Air heaters are used for industrial, commercial as well as residential purposes. Commercial and residential heaters use the space or room heating whereas the industrial application is for drying, melting, preheating and many other chemical processes.

This broad term air heater is made up of a very large range of defined air heaters. Each of them has a specific function and are used for special purposes. Some of them are:

  • Duct heaters: They are usually cylindrical in shape and heat up a moving gas stream. They are installed in the middle of the stream to heat the air and gases past it.
  • Enclosure heaters: These are generally finned heaters that are used within an enclosure. They provide humidity control and prevent freezing.
  • Radiators: They contain coils of heated and circulating media like steam, water or oil to heat a space.
  • Room heaters: They are designed for confined spaces and do not emit any hazardous pollutants. They are mostly used at home and are generally portable.
  • Forced air heaters: They move the air using a fan or a blower while the air gets heated through convection currents. These are the easiest to find with any finned heater suppliers in India as they are used at homes, offices as well as in the industry.
  • Flame heaters: Only a few air heater manufacturers in India produce these as they use a device that emits a concentrated flame or unusually hot air and have only industrial uses.
  • Tubular heaters: These air heating elements can be customized and bent into any shape required and are the most common heaters.

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