Quick Guide to Fixing Your Paper Jammed Printer

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The problem of printer paper jams is the most common occupational hazard for every office. And fixing your printer paper jam can be really frustrating for anyone. You might feel productive and accomplished on the one hand as you zipped your final product out of the machine and then the next moment you curse your printer’s name as you struggle with this inevitable problem of paper jamming. Kicking or cursing your printer might be satisfying for you, but it won’t solve your problem. No matter how advanced the printer you use for your work, a single piece of paper is enough to stop your printer from operating. This unavoidable problem of paper jamming might seem beyond help to you, but you don’t need to worry at all, we’ve got you covered. Here we have suggested some methods and steps for you that will help you to fix your Printer Paper Jamming problems. So, that you can continue your work calmly without any Paper Jamming problem.

Fixing the Problem of Printer Paper Jamming Step by Step

Dealing with this problem of paper jam can be really annoying, but instead of losing your cool and letting your frustration dominate you, you can follow the simple steps mentioned below that might help you in fixing your Printer Paper Jammed.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Switch Off Your Printer

When you try to fix your printer make sure to turn it off and unplug, to reduce any chances that can damage your printer or you, while you try to fix it.

Step 2. Open all the Doors of Your Printer for Paper Access

Several doors or entry points are given in the printer to access the papers. Open all the entry points of your printer. Check the loading tray of your printer in case of any loose paper in the tray. If found, then remove the paper from the loading tray. And still, if you cannot locate the paper jam, check the output tray of the printer. And in case if still it doesn’t work out then go for the rear access door, to check if there is any source of the printer jam inside the printer.

Step 3. Carefully Remove the Plunged Sheets And Scraps

Check if any paper sheets or scraps are stuck in the Rear Tray. Remove all the paper or scraps out of the tray very gently, carefully and slowly. If possible try to remove the papers in the normal direction the way in which it is supposed to be pulled out. Make sure to remove all the papers from the tray. Not a small bit of paper should be on the tray.  And in case, if any component breaks, do not proceed and call for the service. If not proceed with the further steps.

Step 4. Close all the Paths and Restart Your Printer

Once you finish clearing away all the jam from all the doors of your printers, make sure to close all the paths and restart your printer. After finishing up with clearing the jam, it’s time to test the operating of your printer. You can test your printer by ensuring that your print carriage is moving without any issues. Print a test page by putting an inkjet paper into the loading tray and slide it into the right direction. Print your test page by pressing the resume button that is given at the top of the printer.

Precautions to Avoid the Problem of Printer Paper Jam

However, the problem of Printer Paper Jamming is inevitable. This problem not only delays our job but it also damages the other components of the printer. Replacing its components is not that much cheaper. So, it’s best to take the precaution that will help in reducing this problem.

  • While printing any paper make sure not to overload the tray of your printer. As it is the major cause of the problem of printer paper jamming. Always remember to spare some space.
  • Using the sliding mechanism that most of the printers have in them will help you to maintain the uniformity. Using these mechanisms will prevent crooked sheets from causing any problem or damage.
  • In order to avoid this problem make sure that you use the correct type of paper. Not all types of papers can work in any kind of printer. Some papers are only compatible with laser printers while other papers are made to use only with the inkjet printer. Using the wrong paper can cause this problem of printer paper jammers. Avoid using folded, or labeled paper. They have uneven dimensions and can cause jams.
  • While printing the multiple pages, avoid mixing the paper sizes. And make sure that every paper is seated in the right direction.
  • Always keep the rollers of your printer clean. Make sure that there are not any previous paper jams, torn papers, printing labels, or objects that can cause this problem.

These are some simple steps to follow if you are struggling with this frustrating problem of printer paper jamming. For more details and updates, follow our site.  And we will always be available for you with the best possible solution to all your problems.


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