What To Know When You Buy Carbide Drills

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If you are a machinist or just someone who regularly works with tools, you have probably experienced the frustration that comes with using a dull drill bit. No tool is built to last forever, but cutting tools like drill bits can and will dull over time. Using dull tools can potentially damage your equipment or your workpiece. To ensure that you are using tools that are designed to last, you need to buy carbide drills.

Carbide is basically a miracle material when it comes to tool making. Metal tools are obviously strong, but metal has difficulty handling heat. At the high levels of friction that metal cutting tools encounter, they can quickly lose their temper. This means that the metal’s rigid structure will soften, leading to cutting edges that can quickly become too dull to function.

Even materials like high speed steel, despite its name, will not be immune to the effects of high speed machining. An extended period of high speed machining will still push these tools passed their tempering point, meaning machinists will have to exercise caution if they want their tools to last.

The reason that carbide makes such great tools is the fact that, despite appearances, it is not a metal. The “carbide” in carbide tools is actually a ceramic. Tungsten carbide, the material used in these tools, is a grey powder that is twice as dense and rigid as steel. On its own carbide cannot realistically be used to create tools. Ceramics are too rigid to make cuts at such high speeds.

To address this issue, tungsten carbide can be mixed with a metal binder, typically cobalt, to create the material used to make tools. This tool stock has the strength of a metal tool and the hardness and edge retention of a ceramic. This means that when you buy carbide drills, you are getting tools that are going to hold their edges like ceramic while having the strength and flexibility of a metallic tool.

If you want to find some high quality carbide drill bits, you need to check out the tools available at Online Carbide. Online Carbide is an American manufacturer of high quality drill bits and end mills. All of these tools are made from quality carbide stock and they are designed to offer the best possible performance for all of your drilling needs, particularly when precision matters.

You will find a few drill bit options on the Online Carbide store. This includes spot drills, stub drills, and jobber drills. Everything your shop might need to create accurate holes in your workpiece. You can spot drill for accuracy and then use one of their stub drills to create an incredibly accurate hole. Using these smaller length drills helps avoid the frustration of having your drill bits “walk” off the drill location and potentially damaging your workpiece or your drill bit. They also offer versatile drill mills that can perform several drilling and milling operations.

So if you are looking to buy carbide drills, pay Online Carbide a visit. Because they only sell their tools directly to consumers, you can save big by avoiding middlemen. You can also buy with the confidence that every tool they sell has been machined using robot fed CNC grinders and are polished to give an excellent finish on these precisely machined tools. If you have any questions about their tools or their ordering process, you can reach out to their team by calling 630-238-1424 or sending an email to sales@onlinecarbide.com.

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