Resources That Can Help You Decide Where to Move

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Moving can be a given in a lifetime. As many as 40 million Americans move each year, whether locally, from city to city or interstate. There are many reasons to move and they all influence and lead to the decision to move. At the same time, many reasons can influence our decision on where to move to and start a new life. Settling in a new home is always preceded by a lot of sleepless nights and choices that you have to make. Making the right decision for you can be difficult but it is not impossible. Luckily there are many resources that can help you decide on where to move. They will provide info on everything you need to know about a certain city or area. Do some research and find out how to use them to your advantage.

Resources that can help you decide

With so many reasons to move and so many factors that can draw you to a new place, it’s hard to make a decision. It is not easy and demands a lot of contemplation and preparation. However, there are resources that can help you make your decision. They will provide information, comparisons, and advice. Based on your preferences and needs they will help you make a rational decision about your new moving location.

Whatever your preferences or needs are you can find an online resource to help you make your moving decision / Night photo of traffic in motion


Technological advances and the use of the internet and social networks have made these resources easy to find and use. Most of them are readily available online and are perfect and easy to use. So, let us list a few resources to keep an eye on and study:

  • USA Today
  • local and regional rental listings and guides
  • walkscore or howloud
  • calculators – the cost of living
  • interactive tools
  • street advisor
  • city profiles
  • social contacts

USA Today

USA Today has great lists of cities to live in based on a pallet of criteria. You can search and find the list of most desirable cities, or go with the list of most affordable ones. You can also research cities from the list of the most livable cities. The lists are created by incorporating a set of different criteria and factors that can influence life in those communities. These lists are a great source of information that sum up your options in an organized fashion to help you make your decision. There are also USA Moving Reviews that are a great source of information that can prove helpful.

Rental guides

There is a number of online rental guides you can use. The guides provide a lot of information predominantly from the rental standpoint. They provide info about pricing trends, cost comparisons between cities, and much more. These are great for researching potential cities for living with regards to their rent trends and the cost of living. These guides are becoming important because the data shows that expenditure on rent is on the rise. Use them to make sure that your potential relocation location is a financial fit and that you get the best possible price you can.

Walkscore or howloud

These are online services that can get you data that you may require or prefer when making a decision. Walkscore will give you the info about the “walkability” of the city. It will show you the flexibility and effectiveness of walking, biking, or using public transportation in a city. The bottom line is that it will provide the data about how transit-friendly the city is and how it relates to your preferences.

How loud is similar but it is aimed at providing data about the loudness of a city or neighborhood. It takes into account the environmental noise, traffic, air traffic, and other local sources.



The cost of living calculators is very popular online. These calculators can give you insight into the cost of living in a particular city. As the cost of living varies from city to city it is important to have at least an estimate of your expenses in comparison to your income. The calculator can give you an estimate of how much more you will have to earn to finance your life in a certain city.

Street advisor

Deciding to live in one city as opposed to the other depends on many factors. The vibe is one of them If you haven’t visited a city you will never be able to catch tits vibe. Street advisor encompasses the experiences and experiences of many people online. it is capable of providing a picture of the city and the vibe it has. The street advisor can help you to create a vision of the city before you visit it so you can make a judgment on whether it will fit you and your needs.


City profiles

One of the ways of campaigning cities is city profiles websites. These can provide information about the crime rate, schools, weather, restaurants, and more so you can take a snapshot of a city and create a rough picture about its characteristics. Many websites will provide such data that can help you decide on where to live.

Social contacts

You can always exploit your social circle to gather data about the cities you consider living in. As your friends and acquaintances on their experiences and their knowledge about other cities. You will then have an honest and impartial picture of the cities you consider moving to if your friends can provide the data. You can get data about NYC or any other city you consider moving to. This will be the most helpful and easy information to come by in your search for the perfect city to move to.

In addition, there are many interactive tools to help you make your moving decision. Consult flowing data job charts, HIS interactive tools, and others to help you decide. Other tools will help you calculate and save money even on your moving cost and expenses.


Your moving decision surely is not easy but there is help. Many resources can help you a lot so make sure you research and put your trust in these tools.

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