How to maximize space in your small apartment

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Living in a small apartment does not have to be difficult and claustrophobic. Lately, there is more and more furniture created especially for small places, in order to maximize space in your small apartment and to create more room for you.

Doing this project in your new small home can be fun, but you need to have some ideas. You can search them online or you can hire a professional interior designer that has experience with small apartments. Condos in big cities such as New York City, Los Angles, Peking (Beijing), Hong Kong, Tokyo are usually small because a lot of people live there. But, living in Manhattan or other places that have small and expensive apartments does not have to be hard and you don’t need to get rid of all your items when moving.

Why small homes?

Why do people choose to live in a smaller space?

  1. Money – bigger homes are more expensive and in order to save more money for other monthly bills, they need to rent/buy a smaller home. But with some tricks and furniture, you can maximize space in your small apartment easily.
  2. They don’t need a big home – some people don’t love big homes and they are more minimalist-oriented, and they love to spend time outside more than inside. Also, smaller homes are easier to clean and maintain.

Tips to maximize space in your small apartment

Fortunately, you are not the only person who has problems with apartment size. This is why there are so many tricks on how to make your home look bigger and how to use the maximum of your apartment. You cannot actually increase the size of your home, but you can make it look bigger.

Buy foldable furniture

In the past decade, there are more and more foldable furniture and furniture created for small apartments. For example, get a couch that can be a guest bed too or use a table that can be bigger when the guests come to dinner. Other options are to install a wall-mounted bed, chairs that can be placed under the dining table, etc. Luckily, options are endless because many interior furniture designers are specialized in making foldable furniture.

Get rid of unnecessary items

After deciding to move to a smaller apartment, you should be ready to say goodbye to some of your items. Move only the most important items you are using often. When decluttering, ask yourself a question “when did I use this?”. If you did not use it in the past 12 months, then you probably won’t need it. Items you cannot keep, sell, or donate. Items that cannot be used (damaged or broken), throw away or hire a company to take care of your junk furniture.

Renting a storage unit

You will have a problem with storing because of a lack of space in your home. But it does not have to be a big problem. A lot of people that have a small apartment, rent a storage unit. One of the companies that offer storage services is Golans Moving and Storage. This way, you don’t need to get rid of your items.

Keep your items organized

It is not easy to keep your small apartment organized because you don’t have a lot of space to work with. But it is not impossible. Organize your NYC rental and make a room for everything you need – it is a key to maximizing your space. Also, avoid duplication, you don’t need 2 pairs of scissors, for example.

Add more light and mirrors

Bright colors and more light will make your home look bigger. Use pastel colors on your walls and add more lamps. Also, keep in mind that mirrors reflect the light, so add a couple of them in your room. Use classier decoration and keep your home simple. The minimalistic design may be a perfect option for your small apartment. Light and the right colors won’t maximize space in your small apartment, but it will make it look bigger.

Add shelves on the walls

Think vertically when it comes to putting items on shelves. They won’t take you a lot of space, but it can be very handy. You can add shelves in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, closet, kitchen cabinets, everywhere you need it. Shelves can be wooden or from metal, depends on your style. And what is more important, you can put there everything you want – family photos, books, decorations, dishes, etc.

Be creative with a storage space

Yes, storage services may come handy but you can also create more storage space in your home too. You can buy sofas and ottomans that can be used as storage too. Also, use the space under the bed, add more shelves in a closet and cabinets. Get some ideas online for making more storage space in your home.

Use smart technology

Why keep on your paperwork and documents in your drawers when you can scan all of them and keep them in google drive, for example. Digitizing documents is not complicated but it can make more room. Not only that you will save space but also, it is eco-friendly. By using less paper, you will save so many trees.


As you can see, it is not hard and expensive to maximize space in your small apartment. With some small and simple tips, all your items can fit into your new home. Look at the brighter side. You won’t lose too much time cleaning, your monthly bills will be lower, it is easier to maintain a small home, and the outside will be your living room.

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