Tips for doing business in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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If you are a businessman, you probably already know how popular working with people in the Middle East is. This is a great way to expand your business and make it grow faster. And one of the cities where we recommend doing business in is Jeddah. This is an amazing Saudi Arabian city where a lot of people from the United States have been moving in order to do business. And if doing business in Jeddah or anywhere in Saudi Arabia is your plan, you came to the right place. We have some tips for you that are going to help you with doing business in Jeddah and in the Saudi Arabian world in general. So, if you want to get it right on the first try, make sure you stick to these tips as soon as you start working in Jeddah.

Working and living in Jeddah – should you do it?

One of the main things people struggle with when starting to do business in the Middle East is whether or not to actually move there and start living there. This is a question even people with families have. And what we can tell you is that both working and living in Jeddah is an amazing idea. But, you must also have in mind that living in this part of the world is much different than living anywhere else. Saudi Arabia is a country with its own rules and everyone follows them. They might seem too strict but in reality, living this way is actually a great idea especially when you are raising children. We believe that this is a great environment for children. If you plan on moving to Jeddah soon, read some tips on moving with a family during the coronavirus pandemic.

There are certain downsides to living here such as the extremely hot weather and the fact that you are literally living in a desert. But that is truly something that you are going to get used to. Once you see how great life in Saudi Arabia can be, you won’t want to go back to where you came from. For example, if you are from New York, you will be shocked to find out that living in Jeddah is much cheaper. But this definitely doesn’t mean that your earnings will be lower. This is exactly why a lot of people are deciding that doing business in Jeddah is the right thing to do. And you can do a lot of things in Jeddah. You can transport goods as cargo with ease to Jeddah.

Office spaces in Jeddah

The one thing you will probably have trouble with are office spaces. Even though there are plenty of them available, there are also plenty of people wanting to do business in Jeddah. And most of them also need office spaces just like you do. You will probably end up with a small office, to begin with. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but not a lot of people seem to like this. Especially people who need a lot of space in their offices. Finding a quality warehouse is important if this the case with you.

Tips for doing business in Jeddah

Now that we have covered these things, it’s time for us to give you some tips that are going to help you with working and doing business in Jeddah.

Dress respectfully

One of the things people in Saudi Arabia pay special attention to is the way you dress. And this is extremely important when doing business. wearing anything that shows a lot of your skin is definitely a bad idea. Men shouldn’t wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Wearing suits or just simply dressing formal and professional is the best way to dress. The only time this doesn’t apply is when you are going on a desert safari

If you are a woman thinking about moving to Jeddah and doing business, there are some dress codes for you too. Women in Saudi Arabia need to wear loose, conservative clothing that extends to wrists and ankles. Saudi Arabian women need to wear headscarves. And you should definitely carry a headscarf with you because the religious police sometimes ask foreign women to put it on. This is one of the things that you must do if you plan on expanding your business in Dubai.

Always be polite

No matter where you live and work, it is always very important to be polite and respectful. But because Saudi Arabia is such a strict and formal country, this is one of the things you must always have in mind. When you are doing business, being polite is the best way to succeed.

Gesticulation plays an important role in Saudi Arabia. If you are doing too much with your hands and your body while talking, you can be seen as disrespectful. When you want to pass something to someone, remember to only use your right hand.

Don’t rush anything

If you are already doing business, you know that nothing done in a rush can be done well. That is also what Saudis think about doing business. It is important not to rush anything and to always give people as much time as they need. But in most cases, not a lot of time will have to go by because business in Saudi Arabia progresses fast. But that is only if you take the time to build a good relationship with the people you are working with. Making small talk is very important. You want to know someone a bit more than just knowing how they look in order to work well with them. And that is what Saudis go by all the time.

One of the most important things is going to business dinners and arranging them. Saudis love these things and they see them as a great way to meet someone who they are working with a little bit better.

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