How to figure out if a finned heater suits your needs

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Air heater manufacturers in India produce and are also finned heater suppliers in India. The finned heaters come in all types of shapes and sizes as per the requirement of the customer. These air heaters are used in a variety of manners from baking, curing of plants, enamels and other industries. Most of these air finned heaters are made up of Incoloy grade steel that can be moulded into many shapes.


Finned heaters should not be confused with open coil elements since the heating coil that runs inside both could be similar. These coils are encased in a metal sheath to minimise the shock hazard in case someone accidentally comes in contact with the heater. The rigid metal sheath also helps minimise the hot spots and any electrical shorting.


But other than the finned heaters have a much larger surface area that provides much more heat to the substrate than the open coil elements. Applications that typically use finned strip heating units function around the 500 degrees Fahrenheit range. The finned strip heaters also come with additional features that allow for special bending configurations that provide a higher concentration of the installed kW heating capacity for any given area.


This allows these electric heating systems to not only maximise the intensity of heat while using up a fraction of the electricity but also transfer the heat generated effectively in an area. Some special finned heating elements are also supplied with bulkhead threaded fittings to allow for easy installation and replacement of the element when they stop working. While others include optional hermetic sealing of their terminals required for industries that deal with medicinal products. They also come with extra heavy walls for atmospheres that contain hazardous gases or fumes.


Stainless steel and Monel sheath fins and elements are also used for corrosive environments. The most commonly found diameter sizes with finned heater suppliers in India are 0.31 and 0.47 inches. The air heater manufacturers in India also produce them for higher temperature ranges for which they are made up of aluminium painted steel sheaths and made with furnace brazed fins.

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