Work Longer With Our TiAlN Coated End Mills

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When it comes to machining, you’re always going to have to deal with friction. Cutting tools are spinning at high RPMs and then they are contacting solid material, leading to noise and heat being produced while the cutting is taking place. Using TiAlN Coated End Mills in your shop is a great way to cut down the levels of heat that are actually penetrating your end mill.

Here at Online Carbide, we produce high-quality solid carbide end mills and drill bits. We focus on creating the highest quality tools so our customers can enjoy a long tool life with every purchase. We create every tool using the same robot fed 5 axis CNC grinders as other leaders in the milling industry. Instead of dealing with middlemen and big box stores, we offer our cutting tools directly to our customers at manufacturer pricing.

Each of our cutting tools begins with solid carbide stock. This material is ideal for the high speeds of milling. The substance we colloquially know as carbide is actually a combination of a powdered ceramic carbide cemented together with a metal(typically cobalt). The combination of these two materials creates a final product that has the rigidity and cutting edge retention of a ceramic, but the toughness of metal. Despite being far superior to a metal or ceramic tool, your carbide cutting tools will still wear down over time.

In order to make our tools last longer, we offer most of our end mills with a titanium aluminum nitride coating. TiAlN is a protective coating that is added to the surface of tools to protect them from stress in high heat applications. Not only is this coating extremely hard, but it retains its hardness even as higher temperatures, allowing it to protect your tools. TiAlN coated end mills are more suited for high-temperature milling applications.

The secret to TiAlN’s effects has to do with its thermal stability and the reaction that occurs within the coating when it is heated. As TiAlN heats up, it will form a surface layer of aluminum oxide that helps to insulate the end mill. This means that as the surface of the mill continues to heat up, the protective layer of AlO will help to deflect heat into the chips instead of letting it sink into the mill. This helps to slow the effects of heat fatigue on your end mills, which can eventually lead to cracks and breaks.

We also offer alternative coating options depending on your needs. Our most basic finish option is our bright polished carbide finish. While this is not technically a coating, the polishing process will help create a smooth surface to facilitate chip evacuation. We also offer ZrN coatings on our end mills for aluminum. This coating helps to lower the surface coefficient of friction, which can help ease chip evacuation when milling aluminum alloys. Because of the almost powder produced by aluminum, this can avoid caking at the base of the end mill, which can easily break the cutter.

So no matter what milling tools your shop needs, we have high-performance TiAlN coated end mills for you. Don’t subject your uncoated end mills to high heat applications if you plan on keeping them. Invest in resilient TiAlN end mills from Online Carbide and keep your tools working longer. If you have any questions about our tools or our coating process, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 630-238-1424 or

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