Things you should know before moving to Australia

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Australia is a very popular moving destination. It is a very unique place to live in and it is filled with people from all over the world. Australia is a very diverse place to live in and it is one of many reasons why plenty of people move here all the time. But not everyone knows everything about Australia and about living in Australia. And if you are planning on relocating to Australia, you should know as much as possible about it before actually moving there. This is why we decided to give you some interesting facts about living in Australia before you actually move there. Read this article before moving to Australia as knowing these things is going to be very helpful.

Australia is a large continent

A lot of people aren’t actually aware of how big Australia really is before moving to Australia. The whole continent is about the same size as Europe. The distance between Perth and Sydney is about the same as the distance between Portugal and Ukraine. Once you look at it this way, it just then when you realize how big this continent really is. This is useful information as you might plan on visiting other cities after moving to Australia. A lot of people actually realize how hard that would be once you compare Australia’s size to Europe. And if you are American, to make this comparison even easier for you, Australia is roughly the same size as the whole country of the United States.

The weather can vary

As we are talking about a very large continent, you have to understand that not every part of Australia has the same weather. People seem to believe that the only weather Australia gets is hot and sunny and it is definitely not true. When it is summer in the southern part of the country, there’s a lot of rain in the northern part. Brisbane is a city where the climate is usually tropical but Sydney is a city where you can experience all four seasons in just one day. This means that you need to do proper research on the place you are moving to and what the weather is like. Bringing only shorts and flipflops might not be such a good idea. Don’t worry about whether you are bringing a lot of things with you from home, can help you relocate any amount of things. 

The sun in Australia is much different

While we are on the topic of weather, we have to mention the fact that the sun in Australia isn’t the same as the sun in Europe or Asia, for example. By this, we don’t mean that Australia is a continent with a completely different sun but we mean that it shines much stronger. And this is caused by a few things. The first thing that causes the sun in Australia to shine much stronger is the position of the content. It is located in the southern part of the globe and a certain period of the year is much warmer because the sun is a lot closer. 

The second reason why this is so is the fact that the ozone layer directly above Australia is unusually thin. The ozone layer is what protects us from the UV rays of the sun. And the UV rays can be extremely harmful. Have in mind that some roads in Australia have melted because of the heat and that it is important to stay safe. There are also numerous videos online where you can see people frying eggs on the street. This is why you have to make sure that your skin is covered, that you have a hat and a bottle of water, as well as sunscreen.

The wildlife isn’t as bad as you think it is

One of the things people are wrong when it comes to Australia is its wildlife. Yes, there are plenty of spiders, snakes, and different insects but not all of them are deadly and harmful. There are only two species of deadly spiders in Australia. And even if you get bit by one, even though the chances of that happening are very slim, the anti-venom for both of them exists and you will survive the bite. There hasn’t been a spider bite death since 1979.

The sealife is also what scares plenty of people even though there is no need. If you swim in the areas that were meant for swimming and surf in the areas meant for surfing, you don’t have anything to worry about. Stingrays have killed only two people and shark attacks aren’t even that common. This is something we have to mention as not a lot of people know this before moving to Australia. In fact, you’ll mostly be seeing koalas and kangaroos. And who doesn’t like seeing these cute animals all the time?

Nature is wonderful in Australia

The one thing people don’t know before moving to Australia is that nature is extremely beautiful in parts of Australia. There are plenty of forests. In fact, there are 500+ national parks in Australia. You must visit the Blue Mountains, as well as the Wilsons Promontory. Visiting the big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne is fun but the real beauty is located in the heart of the continent. But, you must be prepared for seeing plenty of big insects and wild animals here.
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