Moving from Columbus – a guide for military families

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Military families move often – it is part of their life. It is not easy to be a spouse of a military person. If you are moving from Columbus to another city, you need to have a guide in order to organize relocation better and faster. Especially if you are new at this and don’t know where to start.

Approximately in the USA are 2 million military-connected children and you should know that you are not the only military family that is moving. It is a common cause in this situation.

What is PCS?

To make your home moving easier, first, you need to get familiar with what is PCS and how to handle it. PCS is a permanent change of station – it is jargon for military moving. It can be moving to the near city or moving overseas, to another part of the world.

Is PCS expensive?

Frequent moving sounds expensive – and yes, it can be, be honest. But, there are many different ways to save money when moving and also, the military will cover some of the moving expenses for a family. Anyway, you should have money on your bank account (PCS savings), just in case when moving from Columbus.

Organizing moving from Columbus – for military families

How to organize moving and save your sanity? No matter if you are new at this or you already have the experience, moving can be hard and emotional. Besides listening to other military family’s experience and their advice, you should look for a moving guide to help you make relocation easier.

Create a PCS binder

Plan everything in advance, and by creating a PCS binder, you will be more organized. If your spouse has just received notice about moving, it will be handy for you to already have downloaded binder. Not only that you will move easily, but also, all your paperwork will be organized. Moving is easier when the budget is planned and when you know how to move and to have a checklist.

Plan the transportation from Columbus to your new permanent home

How will you move your items to a new location? This may be a big problem if you are moving overseas with your family. Not only how you will transport items, but also, do you need a car after arriving, or do you want to ship your vehicle, etc. You must decide because the military will pay all those costs.

Don’t pack all your items

Families that move often, know what to pack and move. And usually, they pack only essentials and memories. Before you start packing moving boxes, determine what to pack and what should stay in Columbus. If moving from Columbus to someplace warm and sunny, don’t pack winter clothing, for instance – it is a waste of time, money, and energy.

Use military discounts

Use military discount when moving and traveling. You can also use military airline discounts. Besides that, many moving companies and other types of companies offer military discounts – so why not use them when you can?

Rent a storage unit

Renting a storage unit may be the perfect solution for military families because they move a lot. You can rent a temporary or a permanent storage unit, so you don’t have to get rid of all your items.

If you are not moving directly to your new home, then rent a short-term storage unit to keep your items safe, until you move into a new home. Or rent a long-term storage unit in Columbus and move only the most important items.

Reimbursement and unforeseen expenses

Costs are, of course, one of the major concerns when moving, especially when moving often. It is not cheap. Learn about reimbursement and unforeseen costs because most costs should cover the military, but you must have all the receipts and know what they will cover. Also, you need to have the cash to cover some of the expenses, such as a temporary home, until your reimbursement arrives.

Housing types

Military families have different housing options to choose from, such as:

  • Private military installation housing
  • Government-owned military installation housing
  • Rent a home off-installation

Hiring a company for moving from Columbus

It is easier to move with a professional moving company, no matter what the reason for moving is. Find crews that help military personnel and their families with moving and you will finish everything faster. There are so many moving companies in Columbus that offer great deals to military families.

The impact of often moving on kids

Yes, military families move frequently, and that affects kids. How and how to help them cope with this lifestyle? Especially how to protect them now when moving house during the coronavirus pandemic. Military families are moving every 2 or 3 years (on average). So, kids change their school, friends, teachers, house, weather, routines, activities, etc.

Kids that move frequently, often have some health problems, most kids over the age of 5. It is a very emotional situation for them, and depression, anxiety, and bonding problems can happen. But you can take some steps to help them cope and adjust.

  • Involve your kids in the moving process and in making decisions when moving from Columbus.
  • Make a memory book together and it should contain photos and friends contact numbers.
  • Let them have a party with friends, so they will have enough time to say goodbye.
  • Unpack fast after moving to your new home and first unpack their items.

Moving from Columbus as a military family is not easy, but with some tips, you will finish it fast and simple. Ask for help, you are not alone, all military families are moving. Good luck with relocating and organizing your new life.

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