How To Take care Of Electric Items

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How To Take care Of Electric Items

We recommend the best electric products for your home, but buying a feature-rich and durable electric item won’t be enough! A proper “look after” is needed for ensuring that these electric appliances run longer for you!

You buy big home appliances by shedding a good amount, and sometimes, even little electric issues can damage these appliances. Then you again have to spend on their repair.

No need to feel bewildered!

Today, we’ll share some golden tips about how to ensure the longevity of your electric stuff by normal “take care.” After reading these, you’ll surely avoid electrical fire and other such accidents.

SAFETY: Always your first priority!

Start any maintenance or repair work only after having safety tools and proper preparation. Ensure unplugging the unit or shutting off the main power to the given circuit. Using metal ladders during such electric tasks backfire! Besides that, make sure nothing is wet, as electricity and water never roll on together!

If you feel even a small electric shock while unplugging, don’t hesitate to take professional help. The issue can be more serious than you think. Furthermore, we recommend you ensure the child’s safety by putting protectors over plugs.

Use electronics very smartly

Overload is a very common electric issue. This is caused by plugging multiple things into one circuit. This leads to a power outage. Place all your electric appliances at safe places, away from vents, from where water can potentially drip on them, and cause problems. Sinks, showers, etc. need to be away from these appliances.

Do install ground-fault circuit interrupters for various outlets in wet locations, including laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen. By turning off these, you can ensure immediate power cut, and avoid several life-affecting accidents!

Treat your outlets, plugs, and wires with care

Forcing plugs for fitting them into outlets many times leads to damage. Bending and Adjusting prongs could certainly cause an electric shock. In case it’s loose inside the outlet, you need to replace the cord for a new plug.

Old plugs hardly ensure any safety, but the new ones are armed with advanced safety features. The most impressive one is the built-in surge protector. When you’re not using, simply unplug extension cords for avoiding electric hazards such as a fire. Frayed wires pretty commonly cause shocks and fires.

If you find any frayed wire, unplug and cut the power to your appliance with the frayed wire. If you aren’t experienced regarding replacing damaged appliance wires, take professional support. Besides that, when you buy an old home, do hire a professional for a complete inspection of wiring before involving yourself in any electrical DIY task.

Arrange professional check-ups at regular intervals

Electric accidents can take place anytime, so you need to be up to date with the electric settings of your home. Rather than checking up by yourself, Schedule routine professional check-ups, and we recommend this at least once a year. A professional can easily point out and repair damaged wires, circuits, etc., ensuring that you and your electric appliances stay safe.

Buy only safe and trusted appliances

Even if you’re fully aware of the electric system of your home, buying a low-quality electric appliance can do much damage. Visit trusted product review websites in India, and buy only the recommended and tested electric stuff. Such product review websites have professional teams for fully testing these appliances and ensure nothing goes wrong with your purchase.

Use Stabilizers

No matter you are buying expensive and top quality appliances, but still, the chances of accidents are there. A specific voltage is needed to run these appliances, and this voltage limit varies as per appliance. As a result, there are different voltage stabilizers for the protection of these appliances during voltage ups/downs.

If you have AC, TV, Refrigerator, etc. in your home, then don’t hesitate to buy their respective compatible voltage stabilizers. Most importantly, these don’t cost high.

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