Totoo bang maganda ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas during marcos under martial law?

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Rodrigo Duterte had said in August that a spokesperson for the Marcos family told him they were willing to return their ill-gotten wealth.
Former senator and vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos conceded there are “sporadic” talks about it, but both he and Imee said no agreement has yet been reached
Mique and her group believe these statements as an admission that the Marcos family does possess ill-gotten wealth.
“The fact that they are now offering to return a ‘portion’ of their wealth is already a clear admission that they have ill-gotten wealth in their possession,” she said
To this day, debate about the Marcos dictatorship—Supreme Court rulings, national laws, and historical research notwithstanding.
Now, says Mique, groups like Claimants 1081 are now trying to fight fake news by reaching out to the youth about what martial law was really like. — BM, GMA News

From ABS CBN –
With less production, and with imports becoming more expensive due to a weaker peso, the supply of goods dwindled, driving up the prices of food, fuel, and other goods with large import content so much so that by 1984, inflation shot up to a record 50 percent.
People then found out that they could buy less with their income than they did in previous years.
By 1985, the last full year of the Marcos administration, the real wage rate for unskilled workers plummeted to 23.21 from 86.02 in 1966. The real wage rate for skilled workers, meanwhile, dropped from 112.9 to 35.55 in the same period.
This meant that if an unskilled worker had a wage of P100 in 1966, by 1985, that same wage would only allow him to buy the equivalent of P27 worth of goods. That was equivalent to a 73 percent decrease in real terms of the amount of goods and services.

This severe retrogression of Filipinos’ income per person – called “lost decades of development” – testifies to a truly dark era in our economic history. It took the country an entire generation to recover from the bad outcomes of the Marcos regime’s economic policies and management. Even with this data alone, it is difficult to understand why many people cling to the idea that the Marcos regime, taken as a whole, brought about the Philippine economy’s “golden age”.

Dilawan na ba agad? Heto pa galing sa Wikipedia. Baka pati wikipedia dilawan na din ha? Basa basa muna

From Wikipedia –
The GDP of the Philippines rose during the martial law, rising from P55 million to P19.3 billion in about 8 years. This growth was spurred by massive lending from commercial banks, accounting for about 62% percent of external debt.[1] As a developing country, the Philippines during the martial law was one of the heaviest borrowers.[citation needed] These aggressive moves were seen by critics as a means of legitimizing martial law by purportedly enhancing the chances of the country in the global market.[citation needed] Much of the money was spent on pump-priming to improve infrastructure and promote tourism. However, despite the aggressive borrowing and spending policies, the Philippines lagged behind its Southeast Asia counterparts in GDP growth rate per capita. The country, in 1970–1980, only registered an average 3.4 percent growth, while its counterparts like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia garnered a mean growth of 5.4 percent.[1] This lag, which became very apparent at the end of the Marcos Regime, can be attributed to the failures of economic management that was brought upon by State-run monopolies, mismanaged exchange rates, imprudent monetary policy and debt management, all underpinned by rampant corruption and cronyism. “[…]main characteristics distinguishing the Marcos years from other periods of our history has been the trend towards the concentration of power in the hands of the government, and the use of governmental functions to dispense economic privileges to some small factions in the private sector.”[1]

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  2. 1966 unang taon naupo si marcos bilang presidenti, utang ng Pilipinas ay $ 360 million pa lang. 1986 ng napaalis na si marcos ang iniwan niyang utang $28 billion na. From almost walang utang naging nabaon tayo sa utang. Si marcos ang kadahilan o ama sa kahirapan sa sambayanang Pilipino. 1966 ang Pilipinas 2nd richest sa Asia or next to Japan…. Pero 1986 paalis na si marcos naging pinakamahirap sa Asia. Ang pagiging presidenti ni Marcos sa Pilipinas ay katulad ng isang kalamidad na sumasalanta sa habang panahon na naranasan ng sambayanang Pilipino.

  3. Just a comment on the first figure… the decline started 1982 up to 1985… martial law was implemented from 1972 to 1981… so the GDP per capita dropped after it was lifted? From 1972 to 1981 the GDP was still rising. Does this mean ML was not at fault with the drop. Was there other external factor affecting this. It would be great if there is a report/study about it. If there is, please provide me a link. Greatly appreciated.

  4. Apo Ferdie thought he could do it after delivering so much gold assets in many countries. So he pioneered World Bank thinking his global assets will be safe. At that time his health is deteriorating and many countries which borrowed his assets are just beginning to jumpstart their economy. Then Marcos left and finally died leaving much of his assets in many countries which now the family, the generals who are alleged keepers cannot get. After Marcos the American based churches in the country continue to look for hidden assets left by the Japanese during the war. Until now they do, they trade and continue to locate in many parts of the country.

  5. @ Clepordo Garcia

    The cause and effect do not necessarily to follow one after the other immediately. An economy can go cruising on for a while before the impact of some bad decisions take effect. The Duterte economy is cruising along enjoying a free ride from the positive inputs of the Pnoy admin. All the baddies from this current admin will come to haunt Filipinos soon. 3 years into the admin, where are the infras? FDI has gone south. Balance of payments deficit building and central bank reserves falling. Exports falling. New job creation the lowest in decades. etc etc.

  6. @ Alexander Espiritu Salonga

    You are such a dick head to still believe this nonsense about Marcos having all his gold from Maharlinka Kingdom. Please go and eat some gingko nuts to improve your brain. The only Marcos Gold are those he stole from the central bank and the Golden Buddha he stold from the Rogelio Roxas. Marcos is the greatest thief in the world and one of the main reasons Filipinos are poor today. In the coming May election, Filipinos have another opportunity to put Marcos daughter in the Senate/ Go ahead dumbasses, put the daughter of the great thief back in power again. Just remember all those stolen money are in her name in offshore bank accounts.

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