Moving to Canada amid novel coronavirus pandemic

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Canada is one of the countries that many people would like to move to. Reasons vary from case to case. Whether you yearn to try your luck and find a job from your dreams. Or you are attracted by the living standards that are offered in this state. Or you are simply enchanted by Canadian nature and you want to spend your days enjoying this beauty. Whatever the reasons are, one thing is clear enough. Canada is one of the highly ranked states on the list of these who guarantee great living quality.

However, the situation worldwide has changed immensely these days. The pandemic expansion of the dangerous Coronavirus, or COVID-19, worries people all around the world. Many restrictive measures are employed. So, if you are planning to move to Canada amid this novel coronavirus pandemic, here is what you should know.

Why Canada?

Canada is the second-largest county in the world. It is a place in the northern part of North America. This economically highly developed state attracts people all around the globe. Many decide to come there and start up a new and better life. Knowing this, it is not surprising that Canada is famous for its ethnic and cultural diversity. Economic freedom, quality education, and civil liberties cause a high level of immigration to Canada every year. So if you are looking for a simple way to settle down in Ontario, Toronto, Vancouver, or any other Canadian city, be sure you are not the only one.


Any kind of relocation needs good preparation. Making a plan is essential. You need to know what you should expect on the way. You have to ponder about different ways to solve various problems. Make a to-do list. Find all the necessary contacts. Prepare to do a lot of research. Only this way can you say that you are prepared enough. What’s more, if you are relocating to Canadian in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, your plan needs to be even more detailed and thorough.

The financial aspect

The first question you need to pose to yourself, before making any serious steps is- am I ready to support this moving attempt financially? And although it is true that money is not the most important thing in the world, planning your budget is essential in these situations. Make a thorough calculation. Consider all the necessary expenses. And always add some more, in cases of emergency. Be patient, and don’t rush. You will need every single dollar if you want to conduct it properly.

The current situation

Health is our most precious property. However, the fact is that unfortunately, we figure that out only after we start losing it. In a situation like this, when our health is even more endangered by the invisible enemy like Coronavirus, we need to act smart. The whole world works hard on preventing this virus to come into their country.  Therefore,  many leaders of huge countries worldwide brought certain regulations. One of the most prominent ones is the closure of the country borders. So, if you plan to move to Canada during this pandemic situation, this is a very important fact to know. Canada, among others, decided to forbid the entrance into the country for everyone except:

  • Canadian citizens, or permanent residents of Canada
  • temporary workers with a valid work permit
  • international students with the valid study permit
  • permanent resident applicants (only if they were approved before the announcement of the restrictions)

Be smart

Logically speaking, if you do not belong to any of the groups we mentioned, you will not be able to move to Canada. At least not during this state of emergency. However, even if you do belong to one, let’s think twice. Is it really smart to start your Canada relocation right now? Well, the answer is no. Making preparations and planning is ok. Actually starting a move- not really.

But, don’t lose your spirit. This situation is bad, but if we fight it the right way, we can overcome it. Maybe sooner than we have expected. Therefore, let’s look on the bright side for a while. Staying at home may buy you some valuable time to think and develop your Canada moving plans. There is no reason for hurry. You can always find a good and reliable moving company, and make your plans come true. Meanwhile, enjoy creating a good strategy.

If the novel COVID-19 pandemic caught you in the middle of the relocation to Canada

Of course, there is another possible scenario. You may have been in the middle of your move to Canada when all this pandemic situation started. But, no worries. Be sure that everything will be fine. Just imagine that all your steps will freeze for a while. The seriousness of the situation requires that. Finally, when all comes back to normal again, you may just continue from where you have stopped. And, hopefully, the only thing you are about to lose will be time. But that is not such a serious problem, indeed. You can always rely on some useful hacks that will save you time when your relocation starts again. Just this time you would feel at least a bit happier. Are you asking why? Well, simply because you will be safe and alive.

So try not to make any quick steps. Stay at your current home for now, and wait for some better times. And they will come soon if all of us are smart enough. Because sometimes it is really us who can make a change. Use your chance and do your best now. Try to avoid moving to Canada in the times of this coronavirus pandemic. Be smart and stay healthy!

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