4 Home Business Ideas In Lockdown

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With the current CODVID-19 sweeping the world and causing many countries to go into full isolation and lockdown we have put together a guide on the top 4 home business ideas while in Lockdown you can look at while you wait to go back to work if you have not lost your job in these troubled times.


Start A IPTV Reseller Business

IPTV is one of the fastest-growing digital markets right now worth over $23 billion and set to triple over the next 5 years.

What IPTV allows you to do is sell tv channel streaming to friends and family or even set your own website up and sell on your website while getting from an IPTV provider such as Strong IPTV.

You can see more information on becoming an IPTV reseller so you can kick start your earnings fast.

Another advantage of reselling IPTV is it doesn’t take a lot of upfront cost like most other new businesses it takes minimum capital to start and sells very well so this is why it places first on our list of businesses to start.


Start A Shopify Dropshipping Store

If you have always wanted to work from home and seen the ads for dropshipping then this is another good option for working online.

Shopify is currently offering free 3 months trial so you can sign up and build your store fast, then its a case of doing some research to find out what is selling well by using websites like amazon best sellers and looking at Facebook adverts in your newsfeed.

Then you can source the same products from places such as aliexpress and then start dropshipping them yourself and use the likes of Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords and other forms of digital marketing to get store sales.


Start Writing For Online Businesses

You may not know this but many online businesses need fresh content written every day on their blogs or even for other related websites.

You can find websites such as Upwork, iWriter and Fiverr where you can set up gigs and offer up writing services.

This is a good online way to make money as you are also paid per word per 500 words meaning if you are a good writer you can have an article finished fast and be paid well for your short time spent.

Another bonus is you can practically write from anywhere in the world such as coffee shops on with your feet up by the pool in a nice hot country.


Help People In The COVID-19 Crisis

Certain companies are taking on people at home who want to work on a telephone assisting tourists that are stuck in other countries that were due to come home but can’t due to the airports being shut down and flights home being canceled.

This work helps tourists gather the information they may need while they are stuck abroad and you can normally pick the hours you want to work on the phones.

Another alternative but this is not paid is to work on the phones helping the elderly so they have someone to talk to each day. They are many companies that offer this and you can work on your own timeframe.

This helps any old person who may be lonely have some sort of social interaction with people online and this helps your CV as well when you need to look for any other job offline.

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