Frequently asked questions about cheap fitted wardrobes

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Are you desperately looking for more storage space in your bedroom? You’re not alone. Wardrobes all over the UK are full of clothes, shoes and everything else we can pack. Freestanding wardrobes connect the problem because they do not take full advantage of the space or allow for adjustment. An easy way to increase your bedroom storage is with cheap fitted wardrobes. They instantly create more space, three times more, to be exact, and are available in sizes and shapes for all types of spaces.

There are hundreds of different wardrobes on the market, from two doors, three doors, sliding, mirrored, equipped and independent. And that’s just the frame: once the doors open, there are unlimited possibilities in terms of combination and configuration of hanging surfaces, drawers, shelves and shoe shelves that can be installed inside.

So, to begin with, the first question is to ask yourself what kind of storage space you need most of all. Hanging space for clothes, shoe shelves, drawers for smaller garments, cosmetics or accessories or a combination? Once you’ve determined exactly what your wardrobe is used for, you can think about the functionality you need to offer. Here are some more questions and their answers.

What is the right size of the wardrobe to choose?

When it comes to your wardrobe, size is important. And when choosing an action, there are two things to consider: the size of your room and the size of your clothing collection. If your room is on the small side, opt for a single or sliding door wardrobe. Those who have a modest amount of clothes can usually get away with one of the above, while dressing rooms need a double.

But that’s what really matters. Consider what you need to store as well as the volume. If you prefer to hang, then you want a closet with ample space in the drawers. Similarly, if you have many coats and dresses to hang, your best choice is a larger wardrobe with two rails. Or, if you have a choice specifically tailored to your needs, the custom wardrobes have you covered. Choose an internal storage package, as well as a colour and a frame to match your space.

What is the right way to measure the space?

There are three standard dimensions you need when sizing your new wardrobe: width, depth and height. Measure the available space, and then leave some space on one side and some to the top to make sure you have enough space for hinges and mounting. Also, consider the floor area in front of your closet. No room to operate the wardrobe? No problem. Sliding wardrobes are a good choice because you don’t need to consider valuable inches for external opening doors.

What is the right place to fit the wardrobe?

Where you put your wardrobe depends on the current layout and size of your room, but placing it in front or next to your bed is the most common option. Avoid placing it next to a door, as you may have difficulty getting to your room when the wardrobe is open. Similarly, leave enough room to walk in front of your closet when your doors are open. Most of the wardrobes are packed flat, making it easy to put them up in your chosen space. Follow the instructions carefully and collect all your materials before you begin.

What are the colour options for the wardrobe?

When choosing the perfect colour wardrobe, first consider the style of your room. Wooden wardrobes are perfect for either plain or painted in grey, white or blue-work best in traditional or style bedrooms. Mirror wardrobes with metal frames or monochromes are adapted to rooms with an industrial edge.

How to clean and maintain the wardrobes?

Wardrobes are fairly easy to maintain. If they are made of natural material, you should place them away from sunlight to prevent them from discolouring or swelling. And when it comes to cleaning, just wipe your wardrobe with a damp cloth if the dust does not do the trick. Avoid harsh cleaners or abrasive chemicals as this can damage the surface. Use a glass cleaner or damp cloth and wipe the entire door diagonally. Then use a dry cloth to remove stains.

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