All Facts To Know About Immersion Heaters

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Heaters are not luxury in colder regions but must have instruments. It is the reason that the global heater market, which is now 9,779 million USD, is to cross 12,200 million USD in 2025.  And the best of the heating elements are the immersion heaters to heat water for bathing and other purposes.

Working of immersion heaters

The electric power flowing through the resistance heating wire in a ceramic jacket surrounded by a sheath made of metal heats the water and other liquids and gases. The sheaths are made from steel, stainless steel, copper, cast iron, titanium, or PFA coated.

All those who take a hot bath in cold weather conditions should thank Thomas Alva Edison for his invention of heating elements along with electric light.  But from the time he invented heating elements, it took nearly a century for immersion heat manufacturers India to manufacture heaters to have a warm bath in places with cold conditions.

Functions of heaters

Heating a liquid in a tank or container is the primary function of heaters.  They are cost-effective with easy installation and available as per their physical configurations, temperature rangers, materials.  Also, they have a wide range of applications, including heating water, solvents, plating baths, salts, acids oils, chemical solutions, and others.

These heaters are in use of systems like water heaters, oil heaters, boilers, storage tanks, heat transfer systems, and others. As per their operating temperatures, their usage varies, and the industrial heaters can heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit or 482-degree Celsius.   Some of the common types of immersion heaters include

Types of immersion heaters and their applications

Screw plug heaters


These heaters are best suited for heat transfer solutions of oils. They are energy efficient and can provide ideal water heating and freeze protection solutions with easily controlled units.

Over the side heaters

These heaters are suitable where there are ample working area and enough portability. Also, it is essential to have easy removal to clean the containers and tanks

Flanged heaters

These heaters are best for any shaped vessels, including tanks and vats.  Since they have a variety of options of watt densities,  flange sizes, ratings, and heating outputs, they provide the best heating solutions.

Benefits of immersion heaters

Best backup for hot water & regular use

Even in emergency cases of boilers breaking down or for usual household hot water requirements, these heaters are the ideal choice.

Energy-efficient & easy use

With just a flick of a switch, these heaters start and stop functioning to reduce energy consumption and easy application. There are also thermostatic control heaters that can turn off automatically on reaching the required temperature. And even when switched on to heat when the temperature goes below the desired levels.

Heater timer to reduce costs

With a heater timer, automatic heating at certain times when the electric power tariff is low is possible with immersion heaters.  It could save money and time for heating purposes.

Theeta is one of the best immersion heat manufacturers India to provide inexpensive and high-quality heaters.

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