Everpure Water Filter Systems

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Clean drinking water is an essential resource and having a dedicated filtration system in your home is the best way to ensure that your water is as clean as possible. Water quality is highly variable and it’s often impossible to know how clean your water is on one day versus another. When you have an Everpure Water Filter System in your home, you can rest assured that your drinking water has been freshly filtered right before you poured your glass of water.

Everpure systems are rated to remove particles as small as 0.5 microns in size. In terms of scale, imagine the width of a human hair and then divide it by 100. That is the size of particles these filters can remove from your drinking water. This filtration rating means that your new Everpure systems will be able to remove harmful contaminants. This includes not only the contaminants that cause foul tastes and odors, but also biological cysts and heavy metals that can have damaging effects.

This means that adding one of these filters to your home not only will provide cleaner water, but can also help to keep your family safe from common sources of waterborne illness. The filter rate of these systems is much higher than that of most simple home water filter pitchers, which rarely even have a micron filter rating. Lower quality filters may improve the taste of water, but they just cannot offer the same level of filtration as a real filter system.

There are a few reasons for this. Mainly, a filtered pitcher is gravity fed, meaning there is not much pressure pushing the water into the filter media. It also means that the media has to be fairly loose to allow for adequate water flow. Everpure water filter systems operate under pressure ranging from 10 to 125 pounds per square inch. This allows them to use a tightly packed filter media. The media in many Everpure systems is arranged into a pleated pattern to allow for a massive internal surface area, maximizing the quality of filtration achieved.

Adding an Everpure system to your home is a surprisingly simple production. While one might think it would require hiring a plumber or other professional, the installation process can be completed using only a few basic hand tools. It’s as difficult as driving a few screws into place and using a wrench to attach an adapter to your existing sink’s cold water line. Some systems will also require adding a small dedicated faucet to dispense your filtered water, while others will use the cold water side of your existing faucet. No matter which system you choose to use, all you have to do is screw the filter head in place, attach the cartridge, and then cut and attach the hoses as indicated in the instructions.

Once the installation process is complete, the maintenance requirements are minimal. The smallest Everpure filter cartridge can filter 300 gallons of water, while others can filter several thousands of gallons. Every cartridge should be replaced once per year and, because of their large capacity, that is typically the only maintenance that should be required. Replacing an Everpure cartridge is about as simple as changing a lightbulb, meaning the annual process should only take a minute or two.
So if you want the convenience of having fresh, filtered water available year round, it’s time to look into adding an Everpure water filter system for your home. To check out a selection of these home drink water filter systems, visit www.efilters.net to find the perfect filter for your home today.

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