How To Safely Move Your Heavy Furniture? l Professional Home Movers

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For professional home movers company, shifting heavy furniture is not unusual, and they do it almost every day. The conception that is prevailing among individuals is that it requires a few big men and you are done. However, the reality is the opposite. Along with the assistance of men, it also requires proper planning, which needs to be executed properly, and this is the key to success, and moving furniture is not excluded from this.

How to carefully move furniture during your house move?

Heavy furniture is the toughest to relocate, and these mostly include dressers, beds, and sofas. So how to move them without injuring yourself is listed below:

  1. Firstly, you need to undertake this job in pairs, which means in minimum quantity.
  2. The professionals suggest knowing your lifting limits. So you can prevent injuries when lifting and handling the objects.
  3. Never lift heavy or bulky furniture alone, always get extra hands to assist you in this matter.
  4. If you are all alone and no one to help you out, then don’t worry, there are certain things that you can apply which will help you in relocating the furniture easily and is less time-consuming.
  5. You need to remove all the items place on the heavy items. This means for sofas you have to remove the cushions off and wrap them separately for the move.
  6. Remove the mattress from your bed so that the dismantling of it becomes easy and ready before the help arrives.
  7. You can also make your cabinets and dressers lighter to make it easier to move. It is by removing the contents, warp the contents up in bubble wrap and put them in durable boxes.

Moving bulky items?

When you are moving bulkier items, it is best that you make some advance plans. You need to decide on the best route before lifting or pushing anything. Always avoid awkward twist and turn and passing through thin corridors. You need to make sure that your way is all clear. This is especially essential is you have to lift your items up and down through the stairs where the probability of hazards are high and unpredictable. Professionals always support the notion of pushing the items instead of lifting or pulling them.

Further, if it is feasible, then place a card on your floor or carpet, whatever your house have, and cautiously push the sofa or cupboard to its final destination. This advice is also given by the Health and Safety executive. In a nutshell, it means that it is advisable to devise proper strategies to avoid moving loads if possible.

Even if you are successful in pushing the heavier items, they eventually needed to be lifted over the external doorways. In such instances, it would be best to position your furniture at a certain angle, which makes the twisting and manipulation of items minimum, especially when it is lifted off the ground. If required, you can also take the doors off the hinges. Get two lifters minimum when carrying the furniture out of the doorway, and make them both facing the item being carried. Once they are successfully passed from the doorway, one lifter can be turned around to face in the position where they are going once more.

Obviate from knocking and getting bumped during the home removal

Getting knocked or bumped is unavoidable when you are transporting the larger belongings. So it is better that you take all the items off your wall that has the risk of getting knocked off. Moreover, always cover your furniture with blankets or plastic sheeting and is recommended by the professional moving company as well. It will assist in preventing the marks, in case you encounter an accidental bump. But it can protect your valuable upholstery from the rainy weather when you get outside.

We hope that these tips prove useful to you during your relocation. But for elderly people, it is always suggested to avoid the lifting and pushing of heavy items and get the assistance of a man with a van company. You require a lot of effort and proficiency in this regard, and the professional movers know how to do it. So make your decision of hiring the company or not wisely.

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