Solar Panel Cable for the Growing Prevalence of Solar Power

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The cost of utilities, even where they remain relatively static over time, is an expense most homeowners would be overjoyed to combat. Though not a universally practical solution, solar power has been rapidly growing in popularity throughout much of our country. Solar fields can be seen popping up in fields and along the sides of highways. Where once there were simply open parking lots, there are now conveniently roofed lots topped by solar panels to take advantage of the free energy of the sun that otherwise would go to waste.

For some homeowners, the ability to minimize their costs by harnessing solar power is simply too much to pass up. Especially in parts of the country like in the southwest where sunny days average almost at 300, solar power as a solution or a supplement is wildly practical.

Businesses have sprung up to take advantage of this trend and will assist homeowners with the costs of outfitting their homes with solar panels. While procurement and installation can be cost-prohibitive, for many homeowners the long term benefits far outweigh the initial expense. In some cases, homes are not only able to completely meet their energy needs with solar power, but actually produce a surplus of energy that feeds into the grid. In situations where homes are not only powering their own needs but producing a surplus, it is common practice for utility companies to reimburse the homeowners for the energy they supplied.

Therefore it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that many people are flocking to the solar bandwagon in droves, especially where they can find assistance with the costs of installation. A solar energy capturing system consists of panels to capture the radiant solar energy and batteries to store it, but how does that electrical energy get from the panels to the batteries? It gets there with Solar Panel Cable, also known as photovoltaic cable or PV wire or cable.

For all of your solar panel cable needs – and all of your other needs for electrical wire and cable – EWCS Wire is there to help. Aptly named Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists sell one of the widest stocks of electrical wire and cable. If you need solar panel cable, they can help you out.

Right on their site, you can find welding cables and tray cables that are commonly used in solar systems. Many of their tray cables are outdoor rated and commonly used for such applications. Their 3-conductor tray cables, available in a wide range of gauges to suit your specific situation, are rated to 600 volts and are some of the most versatile and widely used tray cables. With a cross-linked polyethylene, high heat and water-resistant (XHHW) jacket, they are approved for cable trays, conduits and direct burial and are UL approved. In addition to their welding and tray cables, EWCS Wire offers aluminum and copper photovoltaic wire approved for use in solar systems – contact them at or at 800-262-1598 for details on these. In addition, you’ll want to consult an electrical engineer for the products you need for your unique situation.

But EWCS Wire is so much more than just photovoltaic wire, welding and tray cables. They offer an impressive range of wire and cables for building, construction and industrial purposes in addition to wires and cables designed to meet the conditions of specific environments. On top of their wide selection, their quality is guaranteed as advertised. To that end, their customer service is first-rate. Just contact them at the above particulars to see for yourself. They’ll help you find what you need.

For more information about Flexible Welding Cable and Boat Battery Cables Please visit : Electric Wire & Cable Specialists (EWCS).

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