Everything you need to know about living in Manhattan

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Let’s be honest; living in New York City is something of unique life experience on its own. It doesn’t really matter in what borough you choose to live in; you’ll definitely have the time of your life. However, there’s also no getting around the fact that Manhattan is pretty central to the New York Experience. It’s so central that the locals simply call it “the city”. And if you want to have an exciting and possibly challenging life; living in Manhattan is definitely the best idea you can have in New York City. That is why we’ve prepared a brief guide on living here!

Public Transport

So, you’ve hired a company like manhattanmoversnyc.com to relocate you here; you can finally begin living in Manhattan! But what are some of the most basic staples of the local lifestyle; something you’ll see standing out right away is the public transportation in Manhattan. Obviously, the system of transportation is pretty stellar. There are buses, plenty of taxis, and most famously – the New York subway. Naturally, you can also get your own car; but we don’t recommend it. As the famous joke says – there’s too much traffic in New York; that’s why nobody drives. 

Remember, hiring professionals is one of the best hacks to save time when moving!

In all seriousness though, there are multiple reasons why we recommend taking the subway. For example, you won’t worry about the endless droves of pedestrians that drivers constantly deal with. Also, the parking is notoriously expensive as well. If you do have your own car before moving here, we just recommend storing it. You can always use it for out-of-town trips if need be. 

Your Budget

Let’s face it – moving to and living and Manhattan is definitely not cheap. Even during your relocation, you’ve got all sorts of costs to deal with. For example, there’s the expense you’ll have to pay to buy packing materials and hire a moving company; which is pretty costly, especially if you need your art collection transported. On the other hand, once you’ve actually moved; don’t count on saving up too much money. Because of the cost of simply existing in Manhattan, which can get pretty damn high. And if you’re moving here with your family, know that all the relevant studies show that your costs will actually double. If you take childcare, housing, and insurance into account; you’ll definitely be looking at a severely reduced disposable income every month. 

That’s why people rarely actually buy an apartment in Manhattan; that’s simply out of the financial reach for most people out there. In fact, three out of four homes in Manhattan are all rental homes. And rents are rising even in the cheaper neighborhoods. That’s why you should definitely be certain that you can take the financial hit of living in Manhattan, before moving here. And once you settle in, it is time to make new friends in Manhattan!

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