How startups are deploying different app ideas

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The digital world has completely revolutionized the way of doing business. As more and more entrepreneurs are coming up with new and innovative startup ideas, they are also leveraging on different apps to bring more success to their business. Investing in a mobile application presents new business and revenue growth opportunities, as entrepreneurs are realizing the fact that apps are going to dominate the entire mobile world and change the way of doing business. 

These applications are classified on the basis of technology used, into three main categories including:

# Native Apps: These are types of applications that are built for the use of a particular platform or single mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry or any other. These apps are known as high performing apps that ensure excellent user experience as developers make use of native device UI. These apps have access to a wide range of APIs which ensure no limitation on app usage. However, these apps incur higher costs in development as compared to any other app type as developers need to create duplicate apps and maintain them for each platform. 

# Web Apps: These are software applications that use the browser to run which are usually developed using HTML5, JavaScript or CSS. They navigate users to special URLs to access the web application. With an established internet connection, users can get access from their device as all the personal databases are stored on the server. These apps are considered not so user-friendly where the APIs access is also denied. However, it’s easy to update and maintain them. 

# Hybrid Apps: These apps comprise aspects of native and web apps. These are popular app types as they permit cross-functional development which reduces its overall development costs. As a multi-platform app, these applications are easy to use, fast and also take less time in developing. They only use a single code base that can be reused for different mobile operating systems. 

If you also planning to develop your own app startup you can take an idea from various startups that are turning to different categories of apps, choosing whether to go for an android app, iOS or hybrid app including: 

  • Gaming apps: The mobile gaming industry has always been thriving, which not surprisingly makes gaming apps one of the most popular categories of apps. Developers are constantly innovating and building new frameworks to bring out new versions in gaming applications. As gaming apps bring huge engagement to the users and are one of the most profitable ones, a lot of companies are setting up great apps to engage the users in interesting ways. To name a few, Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds Go, Pubg are some of the popular apps in this category. 


  • Business apps: This category of apps is of great utility for users and is highly user-friendly and thus, becomes ubiquitous in today’s working life. Also known as productivity apps, these apps have the ability to perform complex tasks on the run. For instance, Adobe Reader, Microsoft office, Zoom are a few apps under this category. 


  • Educational apps: Nowadays educational apps are on the huge rise! Developers are building new educational apps that have created a whole new experience of learning for users. Kids learning apps. training and teaching apps are constantly upgrading and creating easy & fun learning for people across the world. Some of the popular apps of this segment include Udemy, PhotoMath, YouTube kids, among others. 


  • Lifestyle apps: Startups are coming up with innovative lifestyle apps that cover a variety of human interest activities. Applications related to fashion, new, culture, leisure, shopping and fitness apps are a part of this category which typically makes the user’s life easier in different spheres. Tinder & MapMyRun are a few apps that belong to this category.  


  • Entertainment apps: Apps dealing with entertainment forte are likely to fetch great engagement and user interaction. Since these apps become part of human life, startups and developers are constantly working on developing new app ideas and entertain users in compelling ways. Netflix, Amazon Prime, TikTok & similar apps are favorites within this category. 


  • Utility apps: These include the types of apps which users use very frequently without even paying much attention. Some of them are pre-installed in the system while others are needed to be downloaded. Startups are coming up with different utility apps to make life easier and automated. Flashlight, Calendar, Calculator, etc are some apps that fall under this category. 


  • Travel apps: The purpose of travel applications is simply to make travel easy, comfortable and convenient.  Applications like Uber, Ola and Lyft have completely brought a change in the traditional way of booking a taxi. People can now request and book cabs in minutes and travel to their desired destination. Startups and entrepreneurs are making good use of this opportunity to develop similar apps. 


  • Social Media apps: Social media is rising like anything and has nearly become a part of our lives. Most of the social media networks are now available in the form of mobile applications which are just a touch away for the users. In huge numbers, users are leveraging on these social media apps to connect with their other people using these platforms. Some of the commonly used social media apps include Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, etc. 


Apart from these basic categories of applications mentioned above, there are several other types of applications you can think of. There is a plethora of apps like sports apps, health apps, photo editing apps, and many more which you can leverage. Regardless the type of app you choose, just make sure that it fulfills its purpose and has some value to add to its end users. If your app makes its user’s life easier, you are certain to bring huge success to your application. Each type of app has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but depending on your business needs, you can involve best practices to create a success path for your startup. 

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