Moving to Baltimore: everything you need to know before moving to this amazing city

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As Baltimore has recently been gaining a lot of attention from young people, I decided to tell you a bit more about this amazing city. So, if you have been thinking about moving to Baltimore any time soon, I suggest you stick around and read everything you might need to know before you actually move. Knowing these things in advance will make your new chapter much easier and you will adjust quickly.

A little bit about Baltimore

I can’t just start by telling you about the best neighborhoods, prices, and schools. You have to know some basic facts about this city before you move here. Baltimore is a city in the state of Maryland. It’s the most populous city in this state as well as the biggest. Baltimore is located just 40 miles (64 km) northeast of Washington, D.C. which is less than an hour away by car. Baltimore is also the second-largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic. It also has more public statues and monuments per capita than any other city in the country which is something that many people find interesting.


Baltimore is a very lovely city. It is also called Charm City because of its vibe and the overall feel. Baltimore has been dubbed as a “city of neighborhoods” because of so many districts that it has. Most of the neighborhoods in Baltimore are very lovely and nice but these are the most popular ones:


  • Inner Harbor – If you are someone who enjoys living near the water, this neighborhood is for you. Here is where you will be able to find amazing high-rise condos with a view of the water. This is a very touristy spot so living here won’t be very quiet and peaceful during the summer when there are plenty of tourists. But there are certain things that set this neighborhood apart from other neighborhoods that will make you not even notice the tourists.
  • Canton – Living in a very urban city and being surrounded by a lot of nature is possible in Baltimore if you live in Canton. This neighborhood is located between Patterson Park and the Canton Waterfront Park. Patterson Park was once considered the largest urban park in the country.
  • Federal Hill – If you’re a fan of the history of this city, this is the perfect neighborhood for you. There is also a lovely park in this neighborhood too – Federal Hill Park. This neighborhood is where you will find the best view in the city because of its position. It’s located right underneath Inner Harbor so you will be able to see the full skyline. Here is also where you will find plenty of shops, restaurants and small bars where you can relax and have something to drink or eat.


There are plenty of other neighborhoods but I picked these ones out as they stand out the most. If you are already thinking about relocating here, consulting Best Cross Country Movers is a great thing to do. 

Cost of living

The next thing that might interest you the most about living in Baltimore is the cost of living. Baltimore is the 24th priciest place to live in the U.S. as far as everything goes. Homes are pretty pricey. Renting a 1-bedroom apartment will cost you $1,400 and $1,610 for a 2-bedroom apartment in Baltimore. If you want to purchase an apartment or a house, you will have to take out a big loan.

Sales tax in Baltimore is 6%. It’s not very high but it isn’t very low either. Residents of Baltimore spend 12.1% of their household budget on food which is similar to the national average. A very helpful thing about living in Baltimore is that you don’t need a car. Monthly transit passes cost around $68 on average and you can get pretty much anywhere by public transport.


As we’re talking about a big city here, you will have plenty of schools to choose from when the time comes. Baltimore schools are very good and there are both private and public schools. Baltimore is also a very diverse city so your child will be able to meet plenty of cultures and people of different ethnicities. This is very important for the child’s development as a person and is one of the reasons many people choose to start their families here. Plus, there are plenty of fun things to do with your kids in Baltimore.

Tips for moving to Baltimore

Now that you know everything you need to know about this city, it’s time to start planning your relocation to Baltimore. No matter where you live, it’s best to have movers helping you relocate. And if you really want to move here, it’s already the right time to start searching for your new home as homes here sell out fast. Plus, the real estate prices will only continue to grow so the sooner you find a home, the less you are going to pay.

Packing for Baltimore

As Baltimore is a pretty expensive city, you might want to bring all your furniture with you. At least for the first few months until you get back on your feet as far as finances go. And packing requires good organization and a lot of time, especially because you are bringing all your furniture with you. This is another reason why hiring movers for this move is a must. Make sure you don’t leave your winter clothes behind when moving to Baltimore as it can get quite cold here during the winter and there’s snow every year. But you will also need some light clothing for the summertime because summers in Baltimore are hot and humid.


These are the key points I wanted to emphasize as the most important for moving to Baltimore. Study them closely, make a plan and there will be no reasons to worry. You will enjoy immensely once your relocation finishes and your adaptation process starts.

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