Activities Add Extra Fun on Delhi Agra Mathura Vrindavan Tour

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If you get an opportunity to visit Delhi, Agra, Mathura, and Vrindavan along with your friends then there are high possibilities that you may not try to visit the religious places and temples but you will do all the adventures and fun activities. We have no problem with that and you have all the right to do so. But if you are going to all the cities, we request you to visit at least one religious place in every City without fail. Something that is going to give you something good and protective while doing your fun activities which can be adventurous also, is good to be done. So the choice is yours to visit religious places, we guide you to find out the fun activities to be done on delhi agra mathura vrindavan tour packages.

Shopping in Delhi

Delhi is very well known for designer products, unique items and various kinds of things that you will not find anywhere. Delhi also offers all these things at the most reasonable rates. People from all over India come over here to find employment opportunities. You need to find the right time to visit Delhi. You can easily pack all those things and keep them in your hotel or with the tour operator. This is how you can begin your journey from Delhi, the capital of India and you don’t have to carry everything on your tour.

Enjoying Street Food in Agra

India is a place where you will find delicious dishes to satisfy your palate for sure. Agra is very special because the food is influenced by the Mughal culture. It is a little spicy and there are so many Herbs used in it. If you are a very foodie person, you must eat in Agra the most and explore all the food markets of Agra. Delhi, Mathura, and Vrindavan are also famous for various kinds of dishes. So you don’t have to underestimate the other cities. You will get delicious food in every city.

Enjoying at Radha Kund in Mathura

These particular places highly appreciated and adored by the vaishnavites of the country. This is considered a very secret place because Lord Krishna killed a demon bull. It is believed that water over here came out of the ground only with the striking of Lord Krishna by his foot. It is not so easy for or anyone to strike the land with food and water can emerge at the same time. Therefore, it is a great pilgrimage spot.

Spending Time at Kusum Sarovar near Vrindavan

It is only 25 kilometers from Vrindavan. As a name suggests, it is a lake and it is very huge. The exact location is between Govardhan and Radha Kund about which we discussed in the previous paragraph. You can spend a great time over here because it is surrounded by beautiful and magnificent structures. It was made by the king Jawahar Singh. The reason to build his lake was to honor his father King Suraj Mal. This lake was built by a son for his father, which creates a completely beautiful aura. You can visit here even if you are on the same day agra tour by car from delhi.

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