10 Things to Know About Residential Solar Systems

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Solar panels and solar energy are gaining popularity every day. Every home and every company is aiming to get rid of fossil fuel electricity and move to the Clean Energy economy. This reduces the cost as well as gives way to save the environment from the adverse climate change. Specifically, the demand for solar panels systems for houses is on the rise. In this article, we will know ten things about residential solar systems.

Price drop of the residential solar systems

In the past decade, the cost of solar electricity is meant to be good to feel statistics because it has dropped by 70%. Moreover, the residential solar panels saw 5 percent of the decrease in the cost. This cleantech commodity has now become a sensible home upgrade. Purchasing solar panels for home is also considered to be one of the smartest decisions.

The difference between solar energy for business and solar energy for home

The difference lies in the size of the Solar system. If it is a commercial solar project it would be cable of giving power to a whole town, all a very big company. On the contrary, a residential solar system when having a consistent size says 60 kilowatts on average. This small size will help in placing be rooftop solar panels for sustainable and clean electricity to your homes. This can generate reminders of electric bill savings.

Everything about net metering
Residential solar panels will be connected to the grid. Net metering is a solar incentive. When your solar system produces excess electricity, it will give you bill credits. This can be used when the parents are not producing electricity during climates.

The time is taken to install a residential solar system
It is just a few days of work. Moreover, it depends upon all kinds of features that you want for your home. When compared to electrical systems, the time taken is very less.
Non-Rooftop solar
If you do not wish to have the solar panels on the roof there are ground Mount solar installations and community solar Gardens. You can use any one of them to uninstall the solar panel.

How much power can solar panel gives to your home
Solar power can serve a hundred percent of your home use. Now with the help of the net metering feature, you can also enjoy these surplus production benefits and can get bill credits.

The breakeven point
This is one of the common questions which every person asks. The way back period of a solar panel is the amount of time which it will take for electric bill savings that can compensate for the cost of the Solar Panel installation. A breakeven point arrives at 8 years.

Types of residential solar electric power systems

The Three Types of residential solar electric power systems are

  • grid inter tied
  • grid inter tied with battery backup
  • Off-grid

Grid inter tied residential solar power systems

This system is directly connected to the home and the electric utility grid. This will help the house owner to get the power either from the home electric system or electric utility. When the grid enters the tight system is overproducing, the exits electricity can be sold back to the utility. This is known as the next meeting of the solar systems. Indo situations when the system is not producing sufficient power then it can draw power from the electric utility. This residential solar panel will cost less when compared to other types.

Grid inter tied a residential solar power system with battery backup

As per the previous one, this is also connected to the traditional utility Power Grid and has a battery backup feature. This feature will make the system to balance the production and the demand and protect the power outages. The solar electric system completely depends upon the availability of sunlight. On any day when the sunlight is more, the production will also be more and vice versa. However, during the shortfalls, the battery can help to make up.

Off-grid solar power system

This is completely disconnected from the traditional electric power grid. To make this work continuously batteries play a major role. During the situations when the batteries are also discharged, an electric generator can be added to the system.

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