Switch up Your Foiling Hair Color Ideas to Highlight Your Hair

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When you walk into different salons and enquire about the hair highlighting process, you can find the drastic changes in the rate and look. Not all the salons are using the same method of foiling hair color ideas to highlight client hair. People often colouring their hair has to be updated in style and fresh look. Hair coloring seems the best idea for women to make a difference in their style without trimming or shortening their hair. Foils are mainly used by women to highlight their hair in their desired format.

Source of inspiration for foiling hair color

Generally, women like to maintain their hairstyle to look special. Within a short period of time, the service of foil hair colouring becomes famous. Hair color solutions are the source of inspiration for women to try different foiling hair color to highlight their hair. The solutions are harmless and don’t affect the hair roots. It is the major reason why women are often changing their hair color without minding hair changes.

Loads of ideas to go with your highlights

You can find the secret code or uncommon name in different salons for hair colouring services. You need not to get afraid they are using different names to attract clients. The foil hair color process is used for different purposes according to client interest. Foils are most often used for exclusion, bleaching hair, and re-growth applications. Ideas of foiling hair color are listed below.

Pale Ash Blond

It is one of the types in foiling hair color treatment and it is suitable for almost all types of skin tones. While acquiring this foiling you can get the subtly warm and it also reflects cool style. You can try this style in both highlight and lowlight formats according to your skin tone. It will definitely add the compliment for your look.

Raspberry bourbon hair

This type of hair colouring is used in seasonal times. While acquiring this hairstyle, you can find your hair in a glamour look along with darker shade. It is suitable for women who have large depth hair volume. Additionally, you can try foiling hair with two colors on this hair coloring in mane if you wish to add color tone for your hair. 

Baby lights

It is similar in the format of traditional hair highlights to add the colors on hair which is rare to see. You can achieve the desired effect on this hair colouring treatment to highlight your hair according to sections. By spending a few hours, you can achieve the desired result in this hair coloring method. Surely, you will attain the natural and gorgeous look by coloring the sections instead of coloring the hair from roots.

Foil partial and Foil full highlights

Foiling is a hair coloring procedure to highlight or lowlight certain pieces of hair using aluminum foil. It is especially used by women to get a uniform hair color look. In this method, you can find different methods as partial and full. This means you can color the hair using foiling hair with two colors on a partial part of the hair or from the roots of the hair. You can go with the option where to start foiling.


Balayage is highly requested by women in different salons to acquire the look which comes along with the traditional foils. In this treatment, the stylist will use the aluminum foils to separate and color your hair strands. You can choose the hair colors to blend with your hair at the right composition. You can get blondes or medium brunettes style in this balayage to highlight or lowlight the color effect in your hair.

Cayenne Spice Red

This hair colouring method is different from other methods. It is hard to find red hair for people naturally. This type of red hair coloring is available in the recent trend to acquire this hair color according to your skin tone. Maintaining the haircut will give you the best red hair from your hair roots. It is one of the most hectic ones in foiling hair color ideas to achieve and maintain it for a long time without damaging the hair strands.

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