How to Prepare a Young Person to Drive on the Road

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Driving a vehicle on a road is an act that requires not only basic knowledge of car mechanics but also a thorough understanding of what the established traffic signs indicate.

DAL car rental always advises new drivers to be aware of the responsibility that this action entails, during which they should behave more maturely since all their senses must be involved to succeed in an experience such as this.

The high rates of road traffic crash where drivers are very young people mean that young people who begin driving need to understand the risks they take to themselves and others, whether they are people or things.

For this reason, the following is a small guide that can serve as a sort of handbook to assist novice drivers in their journey on the road.

From the driver

Self-Evaluation is necessary regarding the knowledge of the traffic signs in force in the territories where the traffic will be carried out, as well as their types, their importance, and characteristics.

This can be verified, for example:

1- Signs intended for prevention, these have the peculiarity at an international level of being signs in the shape of a rhombus, with a black frame and symbol on a yellow background that is phosphorescent when illuminated to be seen when driving at night.

2- Regulatory signs, they are internationally identifiable because they have a red frame on a white phosphorescent light-sensitive background.

3- Information signs are distinguished by a frame and white letters on a blue or green background, also phosphorescent, sensitive to light.

To facilitate this knowledge in all regions, small guides or mini manuals containing all this information are sold in bookshops, service stations, and driver assistance offices.

Before setting out on the road, you should consult the topography of the roads you plan to drive on, the current state of the pavements, find out the location of areas with dangerous bends or slopes, with uncovered or irregular pavements, areas of landslides, you should always think that prevention is worth much more than regret.

DAL car rental recommends that young people who intend to start driving a vehicle on the road, before leaving, have rested enough, to have lucidity during the trip and avoid fatigue.

If the symptoms of fatigue appear during the trip, locate a place that is busy on the road and stop and proceed to rest to relax and continue to minimize the risk of accidents.

It is very important not to ingest alcohol, narcotic substances or medications that can cause drowsiness or other effects that affect the degree of concentration required for driving for a long period.

If you have to drive at night during your trip, you should be even more careful and alert.

It is recommended that when observing cars traveling in the channel opposite to your direction, not to fix your vision on the headlights of the vehicle that is approaching, the action to take is to slow down, lower the change of lights and center your vision on the white channel separation lines and those of the shoulder so that the car stays within the channel where you are traveling.

If possible avoid taking long trips without a companion, driving with someone at your side makes the trip less tedious and more pleasant, another person at your side may observe something that the driver may not notice.

About the Car

To start a road trip, a complete check of the car is considered a prerequisite.

Checking the condition of the tires is essential, these vehicle components are so essential that you only need to think about them as the only surface in contact with the road that your car has.

The second component of the vehicle to be checked is the braking system.

Likewise, you should check the engine, fluid levels, battery, ignition, radiator water, etc.

The lighting system, both lighting, brakes, crossings, and emergency should not escape the general review.

Check the availability of the spare tire, jack, tire change keys, safety triangle and if possible a basic tool kit, with auxiliary battery cables and a flashlight.

Finally, make sure that both your documents and those of the car are up to date.

Scientific research has yielded alarming numbers about injury and fatality rate crashes involving young drivers.

That is why DAL Car Rental invites you to plan a strategy where the feeling of being in the driver’s seat is not the same as the feeling of being in the car.

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