Three Reasons to Add AR Rail Covers to Your Rails

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The rail space on so many AR platforms and other sporting rifles are a big portion of what makes them so desirable to so many shooters. If you’re a competition shooter, you can add a red dot sight and a grip to your quad rail so you can be faster and more accurate with your reflex shooting. If you’re a long-distance shooter you can add a bipod to the bottom of your quad rail and a scope to the top to make you more effective punching paper at long distances. If you’re a hunter you might want to add any combination of these accessories to your rail – depending on the game you’re pursuing and what the conditions are when you’re in the field.

There’s really just so much utility added into the fact that sporting rifles have all that rail space that it is one of the things that make them compatible with so many different types of shooting. Competitive, recreational or sporting, there are so many rail accessories that you can add to your rifle to specialize it to your uses for it.

That being said, excess rail space doesn’t really do you any good when it’s just rail space and isn’t being used to support accessories. That being the case, here are three good reasons to add AR Rail Covers to your rails if you aren’t using the rail space otherwise.


The edges on some rails, particularly Picatinny rails, are sharp and uncomfortable. It’s not like their going to cut your hands, but they certainly aren’t comfortable to grip with bare hands. Especially when you’re contending with anything from moderate to relatively heavy recoil, it just isn’t very enjoyable gripping a naked rail.

If you add AR rail covers to any unused covers of your rails, you’ll make the rifle so much more comfortable to carry and to shoot. They’ll cover up the sharp edges on your rail system and make it much less uncomfortable to you when you go to grab the forend.

2.Heat Dispersal

Another thing that can make it uncomfortable to grip the forend of a rifle with exposed rails is the heat that comes off of the barrel. Especially after fairly intense firing sessions, it can be pretty unpleasant with your hand in such proximity to the barrel. Add some AR rail covers to your open sections of rail and it will afford your hands a bit more of a barrier.

3.Protect the Barrel from Dirt

AR rail covers aren’t designed specifically to protect the barrel from dirt. They’re designed to give you a better grip on the gun and protect the rail when it’s not in use. But they do have the added benefit of offering a little bit more protection to the barrel against contaminants like dirt and grime.

All that being said, the main benefit of AR rail covers is the better grip they can afford you as a shooter, and the better and more comfortable your grip is, the more effective you will be in connecting with your target. So if you’re considering covering up the bare portions of your rails with rail covers, take a look at what’s in stock at You’ll find plenty of options for rail covers for your rifles, and shipping is always free.

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