Fun after school activities for kids

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Confining kids to the classrooms isn’t a great idea. Kids nowadays need to learn and grow through activities. The days where students only used to be sitting in chairs to learn are gone.

Parents also want their children to learn in a fun way. That is why after school activities for kids are an excellent way to teach them something new. Here are some fun activities the kids can indulge in after a long day at school.


  • Help them through artistic activities


Art is a blanket term for a lot of things. You can have your kids put on costumes and enact a play, or even ask them to sit silently and write a poem or draw.

There are creative ways through which a kid can feel involved. Take, for example, relaxation jars. Help your kid make one with the help of glue gun, glitter, and warm water. These pretty little jars help you calm down when you are too stressed.

Some kids like acting, some like playing dress-up and some want quiet time. Involve them in activities that attract them. Ask them to enact a simple-play, ask them to dress up, or give them a prompt and ask them to write. Simple artistic activities like even drawing the rainbow will help the kids unwind after a long day.


  • Let them cook


Cooking is a form of therapy, even for kids. But you must not let them out of your sight when they are cooking. Help them prepare little things. Let them bake something together, or make bread.

Don’t leave them unsupervised, because it can be dangerous. But let their creative juices flow in the kitchen. Moreover, you can teach them something fun.


  • Do some science fun


While growing older, kids have to learn a lot of things. They are overwhelmed with so much knowledge piled on them. That’s why it is necessary to make learning fun.

After school activities for kids should include some exciting science experiments, it may be a potato battery or lemon volcano. Basic science experiments will hone their memory, and they will know the practical relevance of it.


  • Group activities like Games


Kids love games, and for us, our after school activities for kids were all about going out in the open, running in the field, and playing with the group.

You should plan a treasure hunt for kids as well as lego games. If it’s a weekend, you can also arrange a dance party for a bunch of kids. This way, they don’t feel smothered by all the homework they have to do. 

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