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The Luger semi-automatic pistol is probably one of the most recognizable handguns in history. Here at Sarco Inc., we are one of the largest providers of historic militaria in the United States. If you are attempting to restore your own vintage Luger pistol, we have all of the Luger Parts and accessories you will need to create a historically accurate restoration. We know that these fascinating pistols can make a unique addition to any collection, and we’re here to help you get yours in good working order.

The Pistole Parabellum, more commonly known as the Luger, was a semi-automatic pistol originally designed by Georg Luger. These pistols were produced by multiple manufacturers across several countries from 1898 to 1948. This pistol was the standard sidearm for the German armed forces until the end of WWII, though it began being phased out with the introduction of the Walther P38 in 1938. Because of Germany’s need for handguns, the Luger continued to be produced and used despite the intent to shift to the Walther. Because of its distinct appearance and use in WWI and WWII, the Luger has become the signature sidearm associated with 20th century Germany.

The design of the Luger is extremely unique compared to modern semi-automatic firearms. Unlike most pistols, which use a slide action to cycle the pistol, the Luger uses a toggle lock action featuring a jointed arm. This arm folds up with the pistol’s recoil to allow the spent case to eject and then slide back into place to cycle in the next round. This unique style was employed by the Luger’s design predecessor, the Borchardt C-93. Based on the short recoil system from the first machine gun, the Maxim gun, this toggle lock system has all but disappeared from modern firearms.

Because these firearms have been out of production for over 70 years, and the mechanism of their recoil action is no longer used, restoring these historic pistols can be a daunting task. At Sarco Inc. we partner with militaria collectors around the world, allowing us to source a diverse variety of hard to find Luger parts. Whether you need a simple pin or spring, or you need a larger component like a breech block, we can get you the parts you need. If you don’t see the part you need amongst the hundreds we have listed, feel free to give us a call and we will see if we can find one for you.

We also carry plenty of original Luger accessories. Whether you need an original holster or extra magazines for your pistol, you can always find what you need here at Sarco. These pistols are pieces of history and we are here to ensure that you can always find historically accurate components for your Luger pistols. We also offer a selection of complete Luger pistols in our showroom in Easton PA for those looking to find a working Luger.

So if you have a Luger pistol that you’re looking to restore, check out our website. Since 1962, we have been pleased to provide hard to find surplus materials to our customers. Our selection of Luger parts is the best in the nation and we are always happy to work with our customers to ensure that your restoration goes off without a hitch. If you are having trouble finding a particular part, or you would like more information on our inventory, feel free to contact a member of our team by phone 610-250-3960 or email

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