Best destinations for young professionals in Florida

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Are you considering moving to FL as a young professional to pursue your dream? The first step to take is to research destinations for young professionals in Florida and to choose one of them as your next home. Where to move, how to move? This relocation is not the same as you were moving to college. It takes more time, money, organization, etc.

What makes a place good for young professionals?

Florida is a beautiful, affordable, sunny, popular spot for tourists and also, a popular spot for millennials and young professionals. What are most young professionals looking for when choosing a place to move to and to start a new life? What is important to them? Job is the main reason, but not the only one.

  • Moving to Florida for a job is one of the most common reasons why young professionals move. Career and job opportunities are in the first place. The unemployment rate in Florida is 3.2% and it is getting lower (before one year in January 2019, it was 3.4%). Most destinations for young professionals in Florida are chosen by the job market, but it was not the only factor.
  • Young professionals are not only following the money, but it is also about new experiences, meeting new people, they want something additional too.
  • The weather in Florida is amazing, it is warm and sunny. Enjoying the beach, drinking cocktails, partying, hiking, etc. Florida can offer all of that.
  • Florida is affordable, there are no income taxes, and hosing is affordable too. If you are starting your career, you probably want to live on a budget until you get on your feet. If you own a property somewhere else, sell your property fast, organize a move, and start making money in Florida.
  • Young professionals love to spend time online and on social media, but they want to socialize too. That’s why they prefer the subway and great public transportation, to be well connected to other places around.

The list of top destinations for young professionals in Florida

What place to choose in Florida as a young professional? What the options are? Below is the list of the best destinations for young professionals in Florida you can consider as your future home.

They have a good job market, restaurants, bars, events, and they are affordable.

Downtown, Orlando

Orlando is a popular place for young professionals and families with kids too. S0, if you want to raise kids in Florida and still have a great career at the same time, Orlando may be the perfect destination. One of the best neighborhoods here for young professionals is Downtown. The median rent is $1,500 (80% of residents rent a home in Downtown).

South Eola, Orlando

Another neighborhood in Orlando for young professionals is South Eola. The nightlife is amazing, and it is a safe place with a low crime rate. The median household income is $78,000 which is a lot more than the national average. Apartments are still building, it has a lot of restaurants, bars, and it is walkable.

Brickell, Miami

If you want to live in Miami, FL, then choose the best neighborhood there for you as a young professional. The only problem you may have when moving here is higher rent. The average rent per month is about $1,980 but living in the capital of Florida has a lot to offer. The median household income is $76,000 and the job market is growing each year.

Channel District, Tampa

A small neighborhood in Tampa, but it has it all. It has a lot of amenities, it is a dog-friendly place, the number of restaurants is growing fast, as well as a number of small businesses. The average money rent is $1,800. If you want to live in the urban area of Tampa, this is it.


Edgewater, Miami

If Miami is your perfect location in Florida, then visit Edgewater, which is near Miami Beach and Miami downtown. Living here will bring you a lot of advantages, and one of them is a great view from your apartment. The median household income is $64,000 and the median rent is $1,550.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a small city in Florida near Miami with a population of 177,200. It is a very affordable place to live the median rent is only $1,100 and you will live near the beach. Besides young professionals, families with kids also love to live here. If you choose to move here, Fort Lauderdale has some remarkable professionals for your move.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is known for parties and having fun, but it is not the only thing it can offer to young people. Many young artists choose to live here because of a lot of galleries and diversity. And after a long day at work, they want to go out and enjoy themselves. The average salary here is $52,000 and the median rent is $1,300.

After choosing a destination, how to move to Florida?

Now, when you know where to move to Florida, it is time to research moving companies to help you transport your household items safe, fast, and efficient. By hiring City Movers you won’t worry about the safety of your items especially if it is a long-distance relocation.

For example, moving from California to Florida is not a job for an inexperienced person (you). You can probably pack the moving boxes, but when it comes to transporting them, it is not easy to drive a moving vehicle more than 2,500 miles – from one US coast to another.


Choosing one of the destinations for young professionals in Florida takes time. If you are able, visit some of the cities before making the final decision. You can listen to other people’s experiences and opinions, but it may be totally different than yours. Good luck with your Florida relocation and starting a new life there!

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