How to Clean Your Entire House in Just 3 Hours

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Usually, cleaning an entire house takes your whole day and sometimes it can stretch over two days. We will share some tips in this article to help you clean your complete house in just a few hours, especially if you are expecting guests at home. So, bring out your cleaning tools like mop, vacuum backpack cleaner, disinfecting solution to ready your house to receive the guests.

Our modern lifestyle is so busy that we do not get much time to clean our house. We even do not have time to place back all items to their designated places. Our guidelines for quick house cleaning will help you to get your house clean and organized in three hours only.  Read the following points to know more!

1. Preparation Time (10 Minutes)

First of all, you should get active and shake off laziness. As we have less time to complete the house cleaning task, therefore, no distraction is allowed. You should set your timer so that it keeps reminding you that you have less time.

In these ten minutes, you also have to collect all the required cleaning supplies such as broom, a backpack vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, cleaning solution, mop, garbage bags, a bucket to hold everything, etc. This will help you continue your work without any interruption. Also, in these ten minutes to have to prepare a complete to-do list so that you do not forget an important task.

2. Declutter Your House (35 Minutes)

When you first look at your house, then the clutter will discourage you. Therefore, first of all, you should organize everything and put back all the items at their designated places. Get back the clean cup and glasses in your cupboard, dirty dishes in the dishwasher, arrange bedding in a good way, rearrange your chairs and sofa, take your bathroom towel to where it belongs, etc.

This small decluttering task will make your house look organize and take your motivation one level up. After that, you should clean your house with the vacuum cleaner.

3. Clean Your Living Room (30 Minutes)

The best place to start dusting is the living room because this is the first place where your guest will visit. Take a clean cloth and start removing the dust collected over bookshelves, tabletop, and other surfaces. After that, you should use a backpack vacuum cleaner to deep clean sofa, carpet, rugs, corner of your living room and entire floor. Make sure that you do not use a vacuum cleaner for large pieces because they can destroy it.

After that, take a wet mop and also use a cleaning solution and scrub clean your floor. After cleaning your living room, let the floor dry and do not allow anyone inside this room for some time.

4. Kitchen Cleaning (40 minutes)

In your kitchen, you will find most dust, dirt, and grime. Therefore, it is very difficult to clean your kitchen area. It is very difficult to clean the grime accumulated in tight spaces of your kitchen. First of all, take a bucket with warm water and a degreasing solution. Then use this solution to remove grease and dirt.

Also, run your dishwasher so that your dirty dishes clean while you are doing other tasks. Check your refrigerator and remove stale food items and throw them into dustbins. Finally, vacuum cleans your floor and wipe it with a wet mop.

5. Arrange Your Bedroom (30 Minutes)

If you want to clean your bedroom, then start by organizing everything. First of all, arrange your bedding and keep all other things in drawers and cupboards. If your bedsheet looks dirty, then change it along with pillowcases. Also, clean your window panes with a cleaning solution and microfiber cloth.

Finally, take a vacuum cleaner and remove dust accumulated on the carpet and clean the floor. If you have a pet room in your house, then you should also clean that room with the best backpack vacuum for pet hair. Finally, take a wet mop to wipe the floor.

6. Disinfect Your Bathroom (20 Minutes)

Start scrubbing your toilet, then other surfaces and finally the floor. Use different disinfecting solutions for your toile and floor. After that organize everything in a good way and discard empty bottles of shampoo, overrated items, etc. Do not forget to scrub your sink, tap, and shower as well. Place a rug outside the bathroom.

7. Organize Your Terrace (10 Minutes)

Take bristled broom and start cleaning your terrace. Also, carry a bucket to collect dried fallen leaves and debris. Give water to your plants and make them shine.

8. Finishing (5 Minutes)

Do a final check and make sure that everything is in perfect order. Finally, lit up scented candles before your guest arrives so that your house starts smelling fresh. You can also bring some fresh flowers and decorate them in your vase. Place this vase in your living room.

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