How to Prepare Your House for a Wedding Day

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Most beautiful and cost-efficient weddings take place at home. You can transform your backyard into a perfect place for an auspicious day. Your backyard can be transformed into a warm and sparkling place for a wedding. You should clean your house and arrange all the important things to make it ready for the wedding day.

You should invest in cleaning supplies as well as HEPA vacuum backpack and cleaning solution to thoroughly clean your house. Also, you should invest in various important things so that your guests do not face any problem. Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips that help you to transform your home into a picture-perfect place:

1. Clean You House Thoroughly

The first step out of all is cleaning your home and backyard. Your house should be spotless from inside and outside. You should clean all the surfaces, even hard to reach areas and make sure that they all are shining. You should first clean the interior area of your house and after that start cleaning your yard. The yard is a little difficult to manage. Grass in your yard should be mowed a day before the wedding so that it has sufficient time to settle.

You should use a leaf blower to remove unwanted leaves and debris. Also, make use of a commercial backpack HEPA vacuum cleaner to clean the interior and exterior of your house. Also, hire a tree service providers to trim bushes and overgrown trees. You should also do last-minute checking of your yard before starting the big event at your home.

2. Clean Bathrooms And Stock Them Up

Durin wedding function, bathrooms will be in high demand. Therefore, you should clean them as well. Get a good disinfecting solution and clean your toilet. Bring important stuff like hand towels, soaps, hand sanitizer, and extra toilet paper. You should stuff them all with important items.  Also, get bathrooms fresheners so that they smell nice.

Imagine how you feel when to walk into the bathroom of a good restaurant. They smell fresh always and look nice as well. Also, place one bin in your bathroom so that your guest throws the trash inside the bins and it will help you to keep your bathrooms look beautiful.

3. Kitchens Must Have Proper Storage Space

Your kitchen will be used for various things on the wedding day. Therefore, you must prepare it for wedding insanity. First of all, clean your kitchen thoroughly and make your storage counters clutter-free. Also, clean the refrigerators and prepare them to store many things on the wedding day. You can also take one more refrigerator on rent to store extra things.

After cleaning the kitchen, remove the clutter from the floor with a HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner. If you have catered food and hired catering staff, then the clean kitchen is the utmost requirement. If you want an extra oven, then take it in rent and along with the fridge.

4. Put Away Fragile Objects

On the wedding day, hundreds of people will visit your house and you can not stop them from touching any decorative elements placed on tabletop or shelves in your house. If there are any costly and fragile items, then take them away and store them in locked drawers. Also, if you have displayed your family heirlooms, then take them away.

5. Clean Drapes And Curtains

Dirty drapes and curtains can make your house look bad. Therefore, if you are thoroughly cleaning your place, then how could you forget to clean drapes and curtains. First of all, clean them with a HEPA vacuum cleaner backpack and remove them. Then, wash these curtains in your washing machine, dry time completely and put them back.

5. Adequate Accommodation For Sound System

While preparing your house, people usually forget about arranging a sound system. A wedding day means fun and dance, therefore, a good sound system is very important. Make sure the music system is efficient. It should be capable to generate the sound that is not too low or too high. Your music should be easily spread throughout your home.

You should hire a DJ who will bring a good sound system. Also, ask for the accommodation they need to place the music system in your house. It should be near the electric outlet system to provide power supply to the sound system.

6. Prepare Back-Up Plan for Bad Weather

Weather is unpredictable and sudden changes in weather can ruin your wedding day. Therefore, you should be ready with a back-up plan for bad weather. You should have an indoor backup plan so that you can continue the marriage inside your house instead of your backyard. You should talk to your wedding vendor to move everything inside if any change observed in the weather.

7. Check Home Insurance Policy

If you are thinking that nobody will get injured during the wedding and if it happens, then nobody will take immediate legal action. But, you are wrong! You never know if someone injured inside your house on the wedding day, then how they will react.

Also, you do not know what kind of damage may happen to your home. You should contact your insurance service provider and make sure that you will be paid if anything wore happen. Make sure you inform your insurance service provider if you are going to serve alcohol to your wedding guests.

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