How to make friends after moving to a new place

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Relocation brings a lot of challenges – physical, financial and emotional. However, one of the biggest issues for people after moving to a new city or country is meeting new people to hang out with. Starting your life from scratch is not always easy. You probably left the city you grew up in, and where your whole family and old friends live. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your new home. The new life chapter gives you a chance to meet new people, find a new love and get an amazing job you’ve always wanted. To make things easier, we’ve gathered a list of top tips on how to make friends after moving to a new place and enjoy the new city even more.

Don’t forget your old friends 

Even though you don’t live in the same place anymore, you shouldn’t forget your old friends. Actually, keeping in touch with friends from the previous city can help you make friends after moving to a new place.  Check if your current friends can introduce you to some new people they might know in your new city. Try using social platforms to help you out with this – publish an Instagram story or a facebook post to ask the people you know about the new city you’ve moved into.

Have a dog 

If you already don’t have a pet dog, it’s time to get one. Taking a walk with your dog is an amazing way to make friends after moving to a new place. People who walk their dogs usually see each other at certain places in town – like a local park, streets in your neighborhood, etc. It’s easy to start a conversation with someone who shares an interest in animals as you do. Head to the local dog shelter and adopt a new friend that will help you make more friends for sure! For some more help, read our dog walking tips and train your dog for the best walking sessions ever!

Make a housewarming party

One of the best ways to make friends after moving to a new place is by throwing a party. Invite your neighbors and friends at a housewarming party and use this chance to meet someone new. Also, use this chance to get to know your neighbors. It’s always good to be a nice and friendly neighbor since those people can help you with your problems, take care of your pet, and get a cup of coffee with you whenever you’re home. Learn how to throw the best house party the whole neighborhood will love to come to again!

Go online to make friends after moving to a new place

Once again, the internet can help you out with some social challenges. This time, you can use online apps to make friends after moving to a new place.  There are many apps that help you connect with people who live nearby and have similar interests and likes. Don’t be suspicious and shy – apps are a great place to find a date, but also to meet new friends as well!

Join a gym 

Exercising in a gym group is an amazing way to meet new people and even make some friends. Similar goals and interests in sport can actually connect you to someone you will actually like. Join a local gym and start exercising in a workout group – it’s healthy both for your body and your social life!

Do something you haven’t done before 

The truth is – you need to make some effort so you can make friends after moving to a new place. This sometimes requires doing something you haven’t done before. Try going out of your comfort zone for a bit and join a dance club, begin learning a new language, start anything new that will help you become a part of some other small communities. 

Go sightseeing 

Since you just moved into a new city, you probably don’t know a lot about it. Going sightseeing and visiting local spots like museums, galleries, parks, and zoos is another way to make friends after moving to a new place. Meeting people in locations like this and starting a conversation can be just small talk or opportunity for something more serious.

Don’t underestimate the power of your workplace 

Even though you may not feel that way, your office is another place to make friends. Many people feel that all friends should be outside the office, but it doesn’t need to be like that. if you take a closer look and give yourself a chance, you can see that some of your coworkers have a lot of similar interests like you and can make good friends. Ask your coworkers to have a drink after work and make some friends! However, when making friends, be careful if that turns into dating – check if dating your coworker is a good idea.

Moving to a new city?

If you are reading this text because you’re thinking about moving to a new city – then you should start planning your relocation. Make plans weeks in advance so you are sure you’re not doing anything in a hurry. Next, hire the right team to make everything easier –  can help you relocate quick and easy. The skilled moving professionals will make sure your items are delivered safely and in the arranged time frame. This leaves you to take care of the packing, changing the address and finding a job. All of these tasks are often overwhelming, so be sure to get help whenever you can.

After you sort out all the relocation details, it’s time to enjoy your new home and city. To make friends after moving to a new place, you need to get out and do things. Sitting in your home, no matter how lovely it is, will not help you with this. Check out your new neighborhood, go around the town and let yourself meet someone new – it will be worth it!

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