Types of homes in NJ – choose the right one

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New Jersey is a state of rich history and culture. It’s also one of the most ethnically diverse states. These facts can be seen in everyday life in NJ and through its architecture. Architectural diversity stems all the way from the founding of the US and has representative buildings of every style and type from those days to today. Picking a home in NJ can be confusing since the offer is so diverse and different. So, what would be the predominant style and type of homes in New Jersey? How to choose the right one?

NJ architecture

The diversity of NJ architecture reflects the changes the state has experienced throughout its history. The styles and types have changed considerably from the foundation of the state until today. The architecture also reflects the changing economic and political circumstances in the state. The proximity of NYC is also playing its role in the housing offer of New Jersey. Its impact is currently best seen in the new building trends that are sweeping NJ. These trends are coming with the young working homeowners that are trying to find reputable moving companies to move to New Jersey.

Different styles

While there are no strict and precise categories of style in NJ there are a couple of rough categories that we can distinguish:

  • New NJ
  • Suburban style
  • Green or modern

New, New Jersey

New, New Jersey style is one of the new trends in building construction in NJ. Its main characteristic is to transfer some of the Manhattan styles to New Jersey. As more young professionals flock to NJ they also bring a new sense of style to the neighborhood. These families are moving in suburban areas that are being revitalized and that are growing and changing to accommodate the new homeowners. They are full of amenities needed for comfortable living but are also developing the style and character that can draw in the homebuyers.

They are also bringing their sense of style and design which is starting to reflect in architecture. Refurbished old and construction of the new buildings are starting to reflect the sense of individual style they bring in to the mix. Old-style buildings with traditional decoration and detailing is not interesting anymore. Buildings that have a style of their own are becoming predominant. The moving companies are also forced to adapt to providing diverse assistance with moving to a new home.

Suburban style of buildings

A lot simpler look at style is in the suburbs. Suburbs tend to be more traditional which means that building has a more traditional 50’s look that draws a lot of inspiration from old colonial homes. These homes are the ideal type of home to choose as a family. Single-family homes with a lot of room to grow as well as large yard space is a good fit for growing families. On the other hand, condominiums can be another way to go.

As these areas develop, the need for new buildings and a new sense of style clashes with the existing. Apartment buildings tend to be a mix of the modern and the traditional. New buildings tend to be a mixture combining downtown feel and amenities with a traditional look and style. These condominiums situated above the business space tend to blend with the existing architecture.

Some of the classic suburban-style homes in New Jersey

Georgian is the dominant style of 1700-1776. Georgian is a simple English style home: asymmetrical, two-story house with center-entry. These homes are associated with upper-class families and prominent citizens.

Greek Revival was the dominant style in 1830 and 1850. This style is stemming from the first American architects and is inspired by Greek monuments and buildings. The style became synonymous with economic stability and is used in the designing of many banks from that era. This style is dominant in NJ suburbs and countryside.

The Italianate style began in Europe It is inspired by the Italian villas with asymmetrical, open floor plans and towers. These houses were constructed in the 1930s and were suppressed by Queen Ann style.

The Queen Anne style is based on the use of a wide range of architectural elements and combining multiple styles. The style was inspired by England but developed in a uniquely American style later.

The Arts and Crafts style, the American Craftsman style developed in the US and is very present in NJ. This style is not only connected with architecture but also with furniture design and decorative arts.

Green home design

This home style is a modern occurrence and is in line with the new trends, ecological awareness and technology development. These homes are high end and are designed to be in sync with natural surroundings. These homes preserve and conserve energy, saving power, producing pawer in an attempt to be sustainable. New buildings are even built “green” from scratch, starting from the choice of building materials. Moving into a green home may require some special services from your movers so be sure to research those additional services that movers like Gibraltar Van Lines can provide.

Final words on the types of homes in NJ

New Jersey’s home and building infrastructure are changing with the technological a cultural change. NJ is being revitalized in this sense too. More and more buildings are being adapted and changed to suit the needs of contemporary homeowners. Apartment buildings are changing to condominiums. In addition, the buildings are adapting to the new needs of the new homeowners that are moving in. Common rooms, pool rooms, meeting rooms and other amenities that were once considered a luxury are becoming a must. Building and finishing work quality is becoming one of the key selling points and a way to draw in buyers.

So, the housing market in NJ is diverse and changing. It has to offer something to everyone. The possibilities are countless so all you have to do is do your research, study your options and pick the option that suits you.

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