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How to organize your move in less than 2 days

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Short deadlines are always inconvenient. Unfortunately, urgent moves happen all the time. Sometimes life can be unpredictable and sometimes we’re just too lazy to start doing things on time. Whatever the reason you’re moving in a hurry, remember that it is manageable. If you need some advice to get through it, relax and keep reading. These are our best tips and tricks to help you move in less than 2 days.

You Can’t Do It on Your Own

More people equals more time saved. Call your friends and family immediately and see if they are available. Apologize for calling on such short notice and understand if they already have other plans. Offer them to take some of your unwanted stuff, a meal or some other type of reward. 

Look for reputable moving companies in your area. There could be one that can help you move in less than 2 days. Bear in mind that their fee may be higher for urgent relocation. Remember to check if they are licensed before hiring them. Unfortunately, there are many frauds out there looking to take advantage of the people who need help ASAP. 

A Checklist Will Help You Organize a Move in Less than 2 Days

No, this isn’t a waste of time. It only takes a couple of minutes to write a reminder that can save your move. With a list of chores, you can easily keep track of your priorities and make the moving process run smoothly

A packing checklist will help you a lot, too. The more items you have, the more you need a checklist. Without one, it will be easier to forget what to pack and what not. As you unpack at your new home, you can check the items you’ve unpacked and notice if something is missing. 

Prepare Your Packing Material before You Start Packing

Since you are organizing a move in less than 2 days, you probably don’t have time to go shopping. Luckily, there are many alternative packing supplies you already have in your home. Bath towels and old T-shirts can serve as padding material for fragile items, such as glassware. Also, you probably have suitcases and hampers you can use as boxes. For clothes, pillows, linens, and other non-breakable items, you can use garbage bags (clear bags are your best bet).

If you run out of packing material, you can always call professionals and have them deliver everything you need. On you’ll find moving and storage bins as well as other supplies.

Do Not Pack Everything

There must be some items you should get rid of. Think old appliances that no longer work, clothes you no longer wear, etc. If your friends don’t want them either, donate them to a charity. Many charities offer same-day pickup free of charge. Alternatively, leave them on the curb or take them to the nearest dumpster. Whatever you do with them, it will take less time and energy than packing and moving items you don’t need anyway. 

How to Pack when Moving in Less than 2 Days

  • When you have less than 2 days to move home, you are likely to forget and misplace things. That is why you should pack an essentials bag before everything else. This bag should contain your valuables (credit cards, jewelry, laptops), documents, a change of clothes, toothbrush, and essential hygiene products. These items will get you through the next few hectic days, until you find the time to unpack and organize your new living space. 
  • Focus on one area at a time. Professional organizers usually recommend packing room by room. 
  • Start from the kitchen. With so many heavy yet sensitive appliances and fragile dishes, packing a kitchen for a move is a real pain in the neck. Defrosting your fridge in advance is a must.
  • Organize your boxes according to the purpose and nature of the items. For example, heavier items belong in smaller boxes, while lighter ones can be placed inside larger containers. 
  • Never place heavier items on top of breakable ones.
  • Make sure nothing can move inside the boxes by filling the gaps with cushioning material and smaller items.
  • Do not waste time folding clothes, especially if they don’t wrinkle. Even if they do, you can easily take care of that later. Leave the clothes on their hangers and cover them with garbage bags with the hanger hooks sticking out.
  • Drawers can serve as containers, too. Instead of emptying them, just tape them shut so that nothing falls out.
  • If you do not have the time to write what is inside each box, just label the ones containing fragile items. 
  • Try not to damage the packing supplies. When packing go green and rent bins you can return after the move or give the boxes you purchased to other people who need them.

Panicking Will Only Set You Back

Remember to breathe, eat and sleep. Moving on short notice is not an excuse to skip meals – you will need more energy than usual. Go to bed early the day before the move, get up before sunrise; make a lot of coffee and a healthy breakfast. You may find it hard to sleep due to stress, but a good night’s sleep is just as important as proper nutrition.

Organizing your move in less than 2 days may seem impossible. But we assure you that it isn’t. If you panic, however, you are more likely to damage your belongings or forget to pack something important. So, take a deep breath and stay motivated. Trust yourself and your helpers. 

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