Everything you need to know about moving to Manhattan

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Manhattan is one of the most popular tourist and residential places in the world. However, moving to Manhattan is not an easy decision to make, especially if you come from a completely different place. Manhattan has its own atmosphere and vibe, so you need to be prepared for this relocation. We prepared a useful guide on everything you need to know about moving to Manhattan. This way, you’ll be completely ready to find your new home here and enjoy this process as much as possible. Here’s what you should know.

Why you should be moving to Manhattan in the first place?

Yes, this is an attractive location, but what exactly are the benefits of moving to Manhattan? Here are some reasons why you’ll definitely love this place:

  • Its diversity – If you want to feel that all-around-the world vibe, you’re in the right place. Manhattan offers diversity in every way possible, from culture, people, food, jobs, etc. This true melting pot will show you how completely different people can live close together without any problems.
  • Everything is available 24/7 – The characteristic of Manhattan that you can find very useful is that this place never sleeps. You’ll be able to get anything you need, even in the middle of the night.
  • You can have fun all the time – In Manhattan, something new is always going on. This means you will be able to have fun anytime you want.
  • Business opportunities – One of the reasons people move to Manhattan is the opportunity to grow your career in many ways. Business opportunities are everywhere, be sure to grab yours!
  • Worldwide known landmarks – Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Carnegie Hall – all these famous landmarks and the most beautiful buildings in NYC will be close to your home.

Everything you need to know about moving to Manhattan

Thinking of moving to NYC, Manhattan is a great option. Here’s what you should know about life here.

It’s expensive

Even though it offers a lot, Manhattan is one of the most expensive places in the country. It’s actually double the national average. Both buying a home or renting it comes with costly fees, so be prepared for this. Most of the people who don’t have families yet, decide to share an apartment with a roommate or move in with their partner, as the average rent is around $3500. Sharing the apartment can be both amazing and horrible at the same. Finding the right roommate can be tricky, as well as maintaining the communal life. Furthermore, groceries and taxes are more expensive than in other places in the area.

Well, how much money is necessary to live well in Manhattan? Actually, it depends on your lifestyle. Many people say that $50,000 per year is okay. However, this sum perceived differently by various people. You should know that you’ll probably need more than before, and you’ll be fine.

You’ll have to live fast

As you stay in Manhattan, you’ll certainly pick up the pace of this busy city. Simply, everybody here moves and lives faster than usual.  The reason for it is that there are many people trying to make a good career here, so the competition is great. Don’t be surprised if you meet people who are mostly focused on their career and have lives busier than you’re used to.

Streets are pretty busy and noisy

If you are moving to Manhattan from a smaller and quitter city, you’ll need some time to get used to the fact that it’s noisy here. People are talking and yelling on the streets, cars are moving all the time (along with the occasional horn sounds) and there are a lot of building cites that include noisy machines.  As we mentioned, this place never sleeps, so it’s one of the things you’ll need to accept.

You won’t need a car after moving to Manhattan

When living in Manhattan, having a car is not a good option. The truth is, owning a car may only cost you more, than you can actually drive it. Also, with all the rush hours, you may need to organize your day a bit better, since the best option is to walk. Walking to your destination may be faster, and is definitely healthier! Also, don’t forget the subway – it’s a convenient way to go around the city and also see a lot of performers and musicians along the way

Moving to Manhattan

Even though everything is busy in Manhattan, relocation in this area can be simple. With proper preparation steps, you can have a stress-free Manhattan move quite easily. Here’s how.

  • Start planning on time – It’s best to start your moving preparation weeks, even months in advance. This way you’ll reduce the risks of damage, getting hurt or spending more money than it’s necessary.
  • Hire reliable locals to help you – A professional relocation company like Manhattan Movers NYC is the perfect choice for NYC moves, especially if you don’t know the city very well. The local companies know how to avoid crowded streets, how to manage tricky buildings and small spaces and will make your move faster and safer.
  • Pack efficiently – Don’t let too many items make you moving costs higher than it’s necessary. Declutter your home before you pack and bring only the items you really need or use.
  • Give yourself some time– It takes time to get used to your new home and the way of life. Go step by step day by day.

After hearing everything you need to know about moving to Manhattan, you can start with your moving preparations. It’s time to find a good place to live and browse possible career opportunities to start from. One thing is for sure – you’ll love it here! It’s fast, it’s busy – but it’s amazing!

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