The dilemma to choose the right speaker or amp for your keyboard

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Having unmatchable sound quality is something everyone needs for their keyboards. It is most important to keep your audience engaged and help them enjoy at their best. The key to achieve this is by using the right speaker coupled with an amplifier. After reading this post you might somewhat get an idea about which speaker will be the best for you.

Which will be better a keyboard amp or PA speaker?

When you go out to search for an amp or powered speaker for your keyboard in the market you will surely get confused. As there are numerous options available and it will be difficult to choose the right one for you. What you need will depend upon what you do. This means, if you are a solo performer then a well-designed PA speaker will be a great option for you. This is because you can easily plug it in and use it. It is also good if you use vocal microphones.

On the other side of the story, keyboard amps are considered to be more flexible & compact. They are advantageous to use on restricted stages. Having the amp also allows the performer to set the volume, tone, & other factors according to the type of music. This is why some performers prefer the amp in place of PA speakers.

Is it good to use a guitar amp instead?

We have heard a lot that some people just use guitar amp for their keyboard in spite of buying a specific one. Well, it is no harm in using the same but remember that you will never get the quality of sound you wish to. It’s just like that you have size-A shirt but you wear size-B, putting it on has no harm but it will never fit in. Specificity is the key and that is what will make you a good performer. So avoid using this mismatch combination.

A keyboard amplifier is specifically designed to gel in with keyboard only. It reproduces a full range of sound that too with excellent clarity as much as possible. Professional models that provide much more flexibility are also available. They allow you to use them with drums, strings, pianos, & synth sounds as well.

The combo model

Combo amplifiers are also available in the market and could become a great choice if you are very much confused. These models have in-built amplifier, speakers, and sound processing system to deliver the sound as best as possible. They are compact with superior performance and are easy to travel with as well.

What matters the most?

It is important to have some features in your mind that you are looking into keyboard amp. The list goes as follows:

  • Power

It all depends on how loud you want to play or the size of the area you generally perform in. Higher wattage value will let you play loudest with better sound clarity or without any distortion. This point will help you in deciding the right one for you from various options.

  • Speaker

For quality sound, you need to have quality speakers with your amp. The most common set of speakers you will find is with 12” woofer coupled with a tweeter often of 1”. Various models are also equipped with 15” speakers to deliver the extended bass response. Some amps also give the flexibility to add subwoofers as extension cabinets if required.

  • Size

If you are very much worried about the dimensions & weight of the amp, then try choosing the one which allows easy portability. They are many models that not only deliver exceptional performance but they are also solid in built and are lightweight.

  • Other important factors

Here are some extra points that are as important as mentioned above. They include EQ & line outputs. A 3-band or 5-band EQ for amp will assist in better tuning irrespective of the fact that where you are. If we talk about line output, then you will see it on most of the amplifiers. When you go out to buy, you will also experience various unique onboard features including modeling controls, built-in effects, voicing, and rotary speakers. They all are useful for producing an unforgettable performance.

We hope that this post might have sorted things out about which keyboard amp or PA speaker is best for you. It might also have given you an idea about the features to look for. You can easily purchase the one tailored for you by considering these points.

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