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Best Android Spyware App 2019

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Are you looking for the best android spyware app of the year? There are scores of smartphone monitoring applications rightly available making it challenging for beginners to pick up the most efficient one. After reviewing the top-notch apps we have found the best android spyware app for non-tech savvy users. The user-friendliness, feature-richness, and affordability make TheOneSpy android monitoring solution a great choice for all. We have reviewed here this app to let you know more about it.

Best Android Spyware App – TheOneSpy

The smartphone tracker app of TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced monitoring solutions intended for parents and employers. The app offers a wide range of features letting users monitor and operate an android device without access. Once you get an android phone or tablet installed with the app, you can control it via a web portal. The monitoring and online storage app automatically sync important phone data and uploads it to the online portal. Read on to know about the core features of the app.

Core Features of Android Spyware App

The app offers hundreds of features letting users track and control a smartphone remotely. We have discussed here the most important features of the app. Have a look!

Screen Recorder

The cell phone tracker app records the screen of the monitored phone to capture every activity. The end-user of the app can send remote commands to the phone to start screen recording or taking screenshots.

Spy on Social Media

The use of popular social media apps can be supervised to protect children from cyberbullying, online child predation, sexting, and scams. The app allows tracking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Viber, Hangout, Telegram, Tumblr, Tinder, Kik and many other communication apps.

Remote Control Apps

Parents can restrict their kids’ access to objectionable apps by uninstalling or blocking mobile phone apps. It does not only limit kids’ screen time but also prevents them from using age-inappropriate social media, dating and gaming apps.

SMS Tracker

The app creates an online backup of messages received and sent via the target android phone. Parents can access the backup by logging into the online control panel. It allows retrieving deleted messages as well. You can get contact numbers of message senders and receivers as well.

Call Recorder

The inbound and outbound phone calls get automatically recorded by the android surveillance software. You can listen to the recorded calls right from the online portal. The app also provides contact information to the callers and recipients.

Location Finder

The GPS location of the targeted phone can be found out without accessing the device. The app continuously uploads the current GPS location of the device to the online portal of TOS. It also provides detail of locations visited by the target.


You can mark locations to create boundaries around your target. The app notifies you about your target’s entrance and exit from specifically marked locations.

Retrieve Media

The app creates an online backup of photos and videos stored on the phone. It allows retrieving deleted media files as well.

Track Internet Browsing History

The app allows supervising the internet usage of kids by getting access to the internet browsing history of their smartphones. It also provides access to bookmarks and frequently accessed webpages.

Manage Phonebook

You can monitor the contact list of the target android phone and can make additions and deletions to manage Phonebook.

Lock/Unlock Device

The spyware app allows locking or unlocking the targeted android device without access. It allows limiting kids’ screen time and protecting their data in case of loss or theft.

TOS Navigator App

You can monitor and control the targeted phone right from your personal mobile phone without repeated logins to the web portal. Install your phone with TOS Navigator App to control all operations of the tracker app right from your phone.

Unlimited Switches

If your target changes mobile phone, operating system or android version, you can monitor the new device using the same license for the spy app. It offers unlimited switches for mobile phone devices and operating systems.

Compatibility and Pricing

The android monitoring solution of TheOneSpy is compatible with any mobile phone or tablet running Android OS version 5+. It supports Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Haier, Motorola, and popular android smartphone brands except for TCL devices. The price of the monitoring software varies with the subscription period and selected package. The standard version of the app can be subscribed for $18 a month. The premier version can be subscribed to $45 a month. Click here to check out the latest price and compatibility detail.

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