Asian cities everyone should visit

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Ah, Asia. The gorgeous landscapes, the beautiful wildlife, and exotic cultures. People usually don’t know how large and full of wonders Asia is. And one of those wonders are the gorgeous Asian cities. Cities there can differ quite a bit when it comes to population, size, and culture. But, since it would take you multiple lifetimes to see them all, you will need to only focus on a couple of them. So, in order to better explore Asia, let us see which three cities you need to check out first.

Tokyo, Japan

Our journey begins with Tokyo. Now, you may think that you are living in a gorgeous, modern city (especially if you come from cities like NYC). But, the first thing you will realize when you come to Tokyo is that you haven’t seen anything yet. From the gorgeous streets filled with Japan’s modern culture to the state of the art stores and museums, visiting Tokyo is going to feel like visiting another planet. And once you start exploring authentic Japanese food, you will see how weird things can get. You will be able to witness hundreds of people crossing the street simultaneously. Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with Tokyo. Many people have. Just remember to visit and plan your relocation carefully.

Hong Kong, China

Our list would definitely be incomplete without Hong Kong. To really understand the industriousness and the western influence on China, you’ll need to visit this city. Hong Kong is both politically and culturally a weird place. This beehive of hardworking westerners and Chinese people will surely astound you. People here are constantly in a hurry, constantly working. The salaries are great and the hard work is appreciated, but that’s about it. Here, you will see how far people are willing to go in order to make more money. The air is polluted. Prices are expensive, and you will have a hard time finding actual Chinese culture here. But, this city is still a must see place if you want to understand today’s Chinese society.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Now, let us go a bit south-west and visit Kuwait City. You cannot say that you’ve experienced Asia without visiting one of its Arabic cities. Kuwait City is a modern Arabic city. Here, you will see Arabic culture combined with all the modern inventions and technologies. And, if you get hungry while having fun in Kuwait, you can enjoy the delicious Arabic food. You will be able to see the Grand Mosque and the Kuwait Towers, the jewels of Arabic architecture. Don’t forget to visit museums and learn about the rich history of this area throughout the centuries.



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