Everything you should know about living in NYC

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When faced with the decision to relocate from a small town to a metropolis, most people tend to get intimated. It’s not only the transition that troubles them but the simple thought of having to adjust to that new urban lifestyle. However, what you need in situations like that is a little practical insight into what you can expect from your new destination. So, if you are looking to start a new life in New York City, you probably have a general idea of what awaits you. But if this is not the case, we’ve prepared a short guide on what you should know about living in NYC before actually moving there.

What makes the Big Apple such an appealing location?

Often referred to as “The Capital of the World”, New York has been a hotspot for the citizens of the world for the last century. When presented with the notion of America, what people from all over the world think of first is NYC and the Statue of Liberty. So, it is only natural that so many of them will want to move there. And nobody has a better understanding of this than professional moving companies. With websites such as divinemoving.com offering prime relocation services, you can find plenty of affordable and quick ways of moving here. However, living in NYC is a completely different challenge.

16 important tips to remember in order to prepare for living in NYC

In order to adapt to life in the Big Apple, you first need to understand how it works. So, here are 16 guidelines to take into consideration before and after relocating to NYC:

  1. Learn how to embrace gentrification – with so many young adventure-seekers and historic micro-cultures.
  2. Prepare to experience exotic cultures and cuisine – there is a plethora of them across NYC.
  3. Living in NYC will have you shifting gears – prepare to speed up your everyday way of life.
  4. Start mentally preparing for communal living.
  5. Make sure to stay connected in your local community. With such a high flux in NYC, it’s important that people remember your face.
  6. Embrace the notion of a hyperlocal lifestyle. For most New Yorkers, the ten block radius around their apartment is where they will spend 90% of the time. So, if you decide to relocate in the Chelsea area, Upper West Side or Williamsburg (or any other part of NYC) – you should make sure to explore it fully.
  7. Public transportation will be the best and worst enemy in NYC.
  8. Make sure to plan and monitor your budget.
  9. Short-term leases are very practical in NYC, especially before you find your dream apartment.
  10. Car owners will have a hellish journey in NYC – make sure to research parking spots restrictions.
  11. Prepare your earlobes for a lot of noise pollution.
  12. Accept the fact that you can’t visit every event in a single night.
  13. Make time to escape NYC on the weekends.
  14. Explore beaches other than Coney Island.
  15. Establish a healthy routine for living in NYC.
  16. Learn to rely on your smartphone and the apps it offers for getting around.

In conclusion

So long as you research everything that awaits newcomers in New York, you should have little trouble adapting to that lifestyle. If you are worried about living in NYC, don’t be. Just remember – you are not the first nor the last person looking for a fresh and promising start here. If they were able to adjust to life here, so can you. We wish you the best of luck – don’t forget to send us a postcard!

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