Must visit Beaches in Andaman Island that you should visit:

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Andaman is a dream of every travel lover. Most of them crave to witness the charm of Andaman Islands once in their lifetime. Located in deep blue waters of Bay of Bengal, this calm and serene destination is known for its beaches and water sports. The beauty of these magical Islands is still intact, no matter how many tourists had relished it. You cannot get enough of the Andaman Islands, as its tranquillity will keep calling you again and again!

Due to the craze of travelers for this Indian destination, Andaman tourism has been growing successfully across the globe in recent years. When it comes to beaches, anyone would get confused about what to choose as there are plenty of beaches in Andaman. But you should know about the best beaches in Andaman which will leave you spellbound! One should visit these beaches on the Andaman trip for experiencing all the activities available.

Radhanagar Beach:

Situated at Havelock islands, Radhanagar beach is one of the best-known beaches of Andaman. It has also earned the title of Asia’s best beach by time magazine. The pure white sand and beautifully aligned palm trees perfectly complement the blue sea waves of this beach. You can enjoy popular water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving at Radhanagar beach. This beach is fit for various occasions, be it a casual walk, small party or family outings.

Elephant Beach:

Elephant beach is the best location to explore the biodiversity and coral reefs of the Andaman Islands. Nestled in the lap of nature, this is one of the top beaches of Havelock islands. It is easily accessible via a boat ride or a jungle trek. It’s perfect for spending some quality time or understanding marine life in a better way through snorkeling.

Kala Pathar Beach:

If you want to enjoy your holiday away from the crowded places, then this beach can be your top choice. Being comparatively more secluded, it provides much-needed privacy to visitors. You can sunbathe, relax in peace or have a nap under the light sunrays accompanied by slow breeze without any disturbance. It is a small beach located in the Havelock Islands.

Vijaynagar Beach:

Beach hopping is incomplete without playing in the fresh sea waves. Swimming or just a walk in the water is enough to refresh you on a beach. Shallow waters at Vijayanagar beach provide a chance of surfing and swimming to the tourists. Shining white sand, Mahua vegetation, and clear blue sky bestow this beach with a heavenly charm.

Sandbar Beach between Ross and Smith Islands:

Ross and Smith Islands are famously known as the twin islands of Andaman. You can’t miss the mesmerizing view of sandbar between these twin seas during your trip to Andaman. Surrounded by tropical forests, this beach will take you far away from the city life. Walking on the long stretched white sandbar with blue-green sea water on both sides will surely become the best walking experience of your life.

Chidiyatapu Beach:

The beaches of Andaman house various species of flora and fauna which complements their natural beauty. The best among such beaches are Chidiyatapu where one can spot 50 species of birds during dawn and dusk. One can’t resist marveling at the sight of sunset and birds embellishing the scenario with their colorful wings. This attractive beach has always been a hot spot among bird lovers.

Wandoor Beach:

You should include Wandoor beach in the list of must-visit beaches in Andaman. Located 30 km away from Port Blair, this beach is famous for the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park built near its coastline. People usually come here to admire the beauty of this picture-perfect coastline and viewing ancient marine species in the national marine park. One can also enjoy indulging in activities like glass bottom boating and snorkeling here.

Lalaji Bay Beach:

Lalaji Bay Beach is located on the west coast of Long Islands. You can reach there by taking a fun-filled jetty ride through mangrove plantation and tropical surroundings. Keep your eyes glued to the widespread sea as this place is famous for dolphin spotting. A picture with dolphin will surely make your photo collection unique. Get cozy in the sea facing eco huts with your buddies while adoring the panoramas of the seascape.

Laxmanpur Beach:

If you are going on your honeymoon in the Andaman Islands, then you must visit Laxmanpur beach. It is one of the unspoiled and less crowded beaches of Andaman. The shallow waters and pristine white shells of this beach make it a Bollywood style private beach for lovebirds. You can swim here without any worries due to its low water level.

Bharatpur Beach:

The next beach to fall in the category of best beaches of Andaman is Bharatpur beach. The stunning views of clear water at the Bharatpur beach will surely enchant you to capture them. A rich variety of coral reefs are waiting for you in this well-known “coral kingdom”. You can explore them in a better way through glass bottom boat or scuba diving.

Aam Kunj Beach:

Aam Kunj beach is perfect for those who want to hang out on some happening beach with like-minded tourists. Yes, this crowded beach will give you an opportunity to know other travelers and chill with some new people. The greyish water with submerged boulders makes it a favorite picnic spot for locals as well. Chill with your family while sitting on the wooden sofas of this eco-friendly beach.

If you want to have maximum fun out of your Andaman trip, then add all of these beaches in your list right now! As we all know, the central attraction of Andaman tourism has always been beaches. So, missing the main beaches would be a mistake. Pack up your best swim wares and get ready to flaunt them on the stunning top beaches of Andaman. After all, you should look cool on your Andaman trip!


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