Bank Teller Job Description – Job Description Sample and Template – Human Resource Management

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 Bank Teller Job Description Job Description Sample and Template - Human Resource Management
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If you arrived at this page because you are an applicant seeking an idea of working conditions, duties and responsibilities, of a bank teller, you are in the right page.
If you are a Human Resource Officer, this sample of bank teller job description will greatly help you to create customize and improve you own form.

Job Overview
“Our trusted and growing bank are looking competitive, loyal and highly skilled bank tellers. We are looking for personnel possessing professional customer approach in our loyal clients. Candidate should perform general banking transactions, counting, recording and storing cash securely, answers and fix customers questions and issues, and perform general clerical work. The selected candidate should know and understand the risk and responsibility of working conditions.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Greet, entertain, and assist clients that enter in your vicinity, especially the persons with disability
2. Process cash deposits and withdrawals
3. Validate the identity of clients
4. Receive, count, record and store cash on hands in vault
5. Prepare cashier’s checks, and/or other form of checks
6. Process documents for opening and closing clients’ accounts
7. Promote and explain banks promotional services
8. Entertain currency exchange
9. Create client accounts reports
10. Entertain, negotiate and fix clients issue about banks services
11. Maintain the privacy of each accounts holder
12. Perform basic office management task such as printing, copying, sorting, filling, and distributing documents
13. Maintain cleanliness, presentable working environment and professional approach
14. Following regulations, rules and standard operating procedures by the security agency and management
15. Operate and maintain equipment such as bill and coin counter machines, computer, fax, copier, and any other office machines

1. Graduate in Banking and Finance, Business Management and Accountancy, and any related courses. Education requirements may depend on country, the company and management
2. Working Experience in related working environment is an advantage
3. Should possessed necessary skills such as good communication (oral and written), clerical, customer service, general mathematics, computer literacy, time management, logical, etc.
4. Clear background and no history of crime involvement
5. Should know and understand the risk and responsibility of working conditions inside and outside of working environment.

*Please take note that the details written above is the general job description of bank teller that widely use in different companies around the globe. It may differ base on factors such as country, nature of business, the managements, etc.

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Published on: August 1, 2018
Last Update: February 16, 2019


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