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What to expect from a good storage facility?

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Storages facilities are great if you are moving to some other place, or if you want to empty your work office, so by doing that you will need some space to keep your items safe. If you are looking for a storage facility to rent and you don’t know what to expect from a good storage facility, then you should read this text before you take any action. The first thing which you should know is that storages facilities are helpful. And the big question is how to chose the right one when you don’t have experience in this kind of field. This guide will have the answer to this question.

Types of storage facilities

If you are relocating you should know that Orange Movers Miami provide great customer service. Picking good storage also means picking a good mover company which will help you to relocate your belongings. But what are the types of storage facilities on your disposal? Here is some information on this point.

Full-service storage or self-storage?

Full-service storage is a perfect option if you cannot transport your items to the desired storage facility. Many storage companies will take an inventory, so you are going to be able to know exactly what is inside. On the other hand, self-storage is popular since the full service tends to be expensive. Therefore, there are a lot of self-storage users. But the thing which you should know when it comes to self-storage is that you need to deliver items to the storage by yourself. If you want to store your items in Florida you should know that there are plenty of options for you.

What are the sizes of storage facilities available?

You may find many guides regarding the storage facilities but what are the things which you should take into consideration? You should learn how to recognize a good storage facility. To do that you need to learn what good storage is and how to avoid the scammers. You should also know that not all storage units have the same size, some of them are smaller and some are larger. You should pick the storage size depending on how much items you plan to store inside. Also, pay attention if you have a lot of things to store, it is simpler to find one big storage to accommodate and place all of your belongings, then to accommodate two of small-item capacity.

Choosing the right size of the storage unit is very important as we mentioned before. When deciding how much money you will be needing for storage facility costs, you should think about the size and also where the facility is located. The urban storage facility is going to be much more expensive than those in a small town.  Average 10×20 storage unit will be costing you around $110 a month, while smaller can go to $45, while a larger one would be around $215 a month. But which one should you choose?

Small storage units

5’x5′ is the size of a small closet which you can walk in. 5×5 units are perfect for your clothes, boxes, and toys. 5 ‘x10’ units can store sofas, chairs and business supplies.

Medium storage units

7.5’x10’unit can store also furniture,sofas while 10’x10′ can store full one-bedroom apartment

Large storage units

Large storage units are going from 10’x15′- 10’x30′. These units you could store two-five bedroom home, including boxes and other supplies. These units are great if you want to relocate your full belongings, but have in mind that they are going to be much more expensive.

What a good storage facility must have?

Good hygiene

A good storage facility has to be clean. Pay attention when picking a good storage facility because good storage facility must not have broken locks, damaged roofs, walls or roofs. The access to it must be clean as well. You should know that hygiene tells a lot about how people who work in that storage facility pay attention to your belongings. So, when picking a good facility, pay attention to this matter.

Emergency and disaster management facilities

This is a very important topic because this is the place where your items are being kept, so they should be safe, just in case some natural disaster happens. Like floods, fire, or really strong wind. A good facility must have equipment against the fire, lightning arresters and more.


This is one of the most important things when it comes to a good storage facility. That means that your belongings are safe from any kind of breaking in. Therefore, a good storage facility must have surveillance cameras, door alarms, and night patrol. Do not choose a storage facility if it doesn’t have a proper security system.

Climate-controlled units

You have to consider choosing to rent climate-controlled storage units. These units can be useful if you want to store items like antiques, leather types of furniture, or some expensive paintings. This will keep them safe from any harm that can be caused by hot temperatures.

Internet is helpful

You can always search online to find some information about the desired topic. Searching about storage facilities is going to help you a lot because you are going to gain all kinds of information. For example, some of the articles have important things such as how to find cheap movers next to me or how to relocate stress-free.

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