Argentine and Brazilian presidents see forward to Mercosur & European Union free trade agreement

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Going to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his Argentine partner Mauricio Macri on Thursday communicated certainty around the Southern Common Showcase Mercosur marking a free exchange assention with the European Union.

All of us should be triumphant, Brazil and Argentina and the other nations of this coalition Uruguay and Paraguay, said Bolsonaro. Echoing Bolsonaro, Macri said that Mercosur are exceptionally near to an understanding with the European Union.

Mercosur will turn 30 before long. In those 30 a long time the world changed, it is now not the same, and clearly the introductory vision with which Mercosur was established has got to be changed nowadays, he said.

It’s not as it were about integrating our markets and profiting from that integration, it is additionally approximately that integration being centered on how we incorporate ourselves.

We are seeing the up and coming marking of an understanding between Mercosur and the EU, said Bolsonaro amid a press conference with Macri at the Casa Rosada presidential royal residence in Buenos Aires.



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