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Best cities for expats in Saudi Arabia

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Since you are reading this, it means that you are searching for the right place where you want to move. This article is about the best cities for expats in Saudi Arabia. Knowing all the things before a relocation process is a big plus, it is going to save you time, and money.

Saudi Arabia or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a state in Western Asia. You should also know that there are about 32.85 million of people in this state. The climate is marked by very high temperatures during the day, and nights are cold. Some of the most popular places in this beautiful city are Rock Carving Sites, Dumat al Jundal, Kingdom Tower and Masjid Al Haram, Mecca.

Make a plan before moving

You should know that culture here is different than the place where you are from and you are going to like it. So making a plan for how you are going to spend your days here either if you are visiting or you are going to relocate here is a good choice. The good thing about making a plan is that if you don’t like it, you can try plan B. Also, be sure that you are ready for the relocation process.

Relocation Process

This process is one of the most important on the list. If you were thinking about hiring a professional mover you can click on the following link which is going to lead you to their site  You should know that his company provides a great service to their customers, they are doing Domestic and International relocation. Pay attention to some of the following things when you want to hire a professional mover

  • If the mover is licensed and insured.
  • When you are moving to Saudi Arabia make sure that company address is verified.
  • Before deciding, take into consideration two of the company and compare them.

Best cities for expats in Saudi Arabia

Some of the following cities are all unique in its own way. Make sure to choose the right one for you.


Jeddah is one of the best cities for expats in Saudi Arabia. The good thing about this city is that there is a lot of foreigner residents, you can find them at every coffee shop. As you may know, it is hard to relocate to some new place and not to know many people. You could make some friends in Jeddah so that you are also going to learn something more about some other cultures. Since Jeddah is a place of a lot of cultural diversity. There are many great relocation specialists to find in Jeddah if you want to move and live there as an expat.

This town has a population of 3.350.000 people. Climate is pretty dry and hot. The best time for visiting Jeddah is between January and February. If you are an expat in Saudi Arabia who wants to find a job, you should know that there is plenty of job opportunities in Jeddah, especially among for the young professional. Costs of living for expat in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, would be $1,630 / month. Rent in the center will cost you $799 / month.


Dammam is not that big as Jeddah but it is still one of the best city for foreigners in Saudi Arabia. The good thing about Dammam is that it is calm, peaceful and not that much expensive, unlike the other big cities. Cost of living for an expat is $1,100 / month. Rent here is cheaper than in Jeddah, it is about $600 / month. Therefore The good thing about this city is that it is Affordable to live. For people who love hot weather during all year round, they are going to love this place. It is Spacious and not that much crowded. And it provides a high quality of education.


This city offers good residential areas and a wide range of job opportunities. You should know that this town has sand storms which happen often, therefore before you decide to relocate here, you should think about are you able to handle it. This city has a lot to offer. Some of them are Musem and historical sights. for example, Masmak Fortress, Murabba Palace, National Musem, Kingdom Centre and more. Costs of living for an expat in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh are various, for example. Costs of living for a family would be $2,700 / month while the rent in the center would be around $650/ month. Some of the jobs which are popular in this town are React Software Developer, Senior full Stack Developer, Android Developer and more.


Mecca is one of the holiest city for the Muslims. The city is maybe expensive but rich in culture. People from all cultures and areas are coming here to find a job. Due to a variety of cultures, it offers a wide spectrum of job opportunities.

Saudi Arabia Nightlife

Visitors and people who are about to relocate to Saudi Arabia should be aware that there are not legal clubs in the country since there are no bars to serve alcohol. Although you can’t drink or dance in a club, there is plenty of other option to have fun in Saudi Arabia, for example, there is a good chain of restaurants in the city, there are also American fast-food restaurants. Dress Code is very important when it comes to living in Saudi Arabia. So the visitors should pay attention to how are they dressed. You need to know that you can’t wear shorts in a public and the women body has to be completely covered.


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