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All you need to know about living in Dallas-Fort Worth

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Dallas- Fort Worth is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the country with 7.5 million people. The city’s combined area is the seventh-largest in the U.S. and Dallas on its own is the ninth most populous city in the country. Dallas is located in North Texas and it is the third biggest city in Texas.  As you can probably tell, living in Dallas- Forth Worth is crazy. The big amounts of people in one place make life in Dallas not so similar to living in other cities in the country. That is why we decided to write about everything you need to know about living in Dallas-Fort Worth just to make it a bit easier for you after you move.

Dallas is very big

As you probably read above, Dallas is very big. Dallas occupies the area of about 343 square miles. This might not mean much to you so let’s do some comparing, shall we? Manhattan sits on a 34-mile plot of land. There are 192 countries in the world and Dallas is smaller than only 31 of them. Do you now understand how big Dallas is? This is why many people find help when moving home in Fort Worth. It is so big that even a local relocation feels like a long-distance one.

There is a lot of traffic in Dallas

As this is a big city with many residents, you would expect a lot of traffic. And that is the truth. Dallas is the home to some of the most congested highways in the United States so if you are moving cross-country, make sure you avoid the rush hours. This is exactly why Texas puts in a lot of work in the public transport of Dallas. You can use 72 miles of light rail and 120 bus routes every day of the week. There is also a lot of free public transport in Dallas. D-Link is one of them. You can go to downtown Dallas and the Oak Cliff area with D-Link. D-Link buses run on Monday through Saturday. The McKinney Avenue Transit Authority runs free vintage trolleys through the uptown neighborhood.

Taxes are different in Texas

You will be happy to hear that there are no state or local personal income taxes. But there are other taxes you have to pay such as property taxes and sales tax. Property taxes typically are paid in a single annual payment. Texas has one of the nation’s highest rates when it comes to taxes on real estate. Texas charges 6.25% sales tax on all retail sales, rentals of most goods and taxable services, leases, etc. You need to learn how these taxes work so you don’t end up having to pay much more than you actually owe.

The job market in Dallas-Fort Worth is growing rapidly

Job growth in Texas has been steady, and incomes are rising. The median household income in Dallas rose to $62,000. The region’s economy is based mostly on banking, commerce, technology, energy, healthcare, and medical research. So if you are working on one of these fields, moving to Dallas is recommended as there are plenty of jobs available. Texas has the highest job growth rate and the trend is expected to continue. Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex added 100,400 new jobs between the years 2016-2017. This means that finding a job before moving is easy.

Dallas has excellent schools

Even though people have been saying that the schools in Dallas aren’t good at all, we refuse to believe that. We know for a fact that there are plenty of great schools in Dallas that your child can go to. Here are some of them:

  • William B Travis Academy
  • Lakewood Elementary School
  • Walnut Hill Elementary School
  • Dallas Environmental Science Academy
  • Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School

Dallas is a fun city

Living in Dallas-Fort Worth means that you have endless entertainment options. Museums, cinemas, theatres, comedy clubs, bars, live music performances… The list can go on and on. It is up to you to explore this big city and take advantage of everything it has to offer. And it offers a lot. Living and working in Texas can be the best thing that has happened to you as you will never be bored if you aren’t lazy.

Nice weather

Nice weather makes it perfect for exploring this big city. You can always go for a jog in one of the many beautiful parks of Dallas. You can also rent out a bike and ride it. Being outside is very important for your health. Especially after moving. But be careful as summers in Texas are very hot with high temperatures. This is when you should avoid outdoor activities. But you can always go to one of many public pools in Dallas and cool yourself down during the hot summer days. And if you are moving during the summer, we recommend hiring movers available at to help you out.

Dallas isn’t very safe

Because Dallas is so big, it isn’t very safe. It is very hard to keep such a busy city safe. But living in the suburbs of the city is always the best idea when it comes to living in Dallas-Fort Worth. Luckily, the suburbs look and feel much better and they are safer, which is perfect for families with children.


Living in Dallas-Forth Worth can be amazing. You have plenty of job opportunities as well as plenty of entertainment opportunities. You will always be able to enjoy the nice weather even when the heat is unsupportable. But you will also have to deal with every-day traffic or take public buses to work or school. But overall, living in Dallas isn’t bad at all. So if you want to be able to call this huge city your home, start searching for homes, moving companies and packing supplies because Dallas is waiting for you.

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